Friday, March 23, 2012

Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan Reunion - To Be Or Not To Be?

*Update December*

The Official Charts have confirmed that Kylie and Jason duet WILL finally become true at the re-scheduled Hit Factory Live on December 21st!

Video, pictures and more from the show --> HERE! :)


*Update October*

Hit Factory Live is now scheduled for December 21st
In recent interview with Yahoo Omg UK, Kylie said  "You know what, I feel like I have to do this. People are getting more and more desperate. They're like 'please, for the love of God can you just do it because we need it out of our system'...
So I hope it happens. That's a really long way around of not answering a question. I hope it happens. I just can't say it's a yes at the moment."


*Update July*
It seemed like a dream... and as of today, one day before it could've happened, it still IS a dream...
Hyde Park's event scheduled for July, 11th was CANCELLED due to weather conditions...
I truly feel for people who bought tickets and were waiting for this event to happen since March, especially for those who too time off work and made travel plans only to see this event and Kylie&Jason reunion!

Following the severe and unprecedented weather conditions across the country the site was declared unfit this morning to host the concert. The decision was made following full consultation with all of the relevant authorities and the safety advisory group.

Kylie says "I am so sorry to hear that the concert tomorrow had to be cancelled. I feel for all the fans who had bought tickets to this special event. Jason and I were rehearsed and excited to share this moment with everyone."

Only yesterday, Kylie tweeted the happy picture from rehearsals, all happy and looking forward to this event.                   
Ok, so rumour has it that Kylie and Jason are set to sing their 1989 #1 hit Especially For You at a concert in London's Hyde Park on July 11.
Well, rumours go back and forth: some confirming and some denying - so I guess all we can do is sit and wait until the official statement from PWL or Kylie Team :)

We all realize it actually might happen, cause it's PWL and it's Kylie! Meanwhile, some fans are already buying tickets hoping to get to see Kylie once again this such special year - #K25 celebration year! (*takes a break from writing to watch All The Lovers video that just came on Enter Music Channel* :D...) To be honest I think if I were living in the UK, I'd do the same ;)

This little Hit Factory Live announcement has a little hint telling us about a "very special duet - 23 years in the making" - that's exactly how old Especially For You is turning this year ;)

So, enjoy the gossips for now! :D
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  1. It would be fab if this would come happen!!!

    1. I think it would be very nice too!! :) It's K25, perfect time for this one to happen at least once! :D

  2. This has got to be THE worst kept secret of all time. Every man and his dog knew this was happening, months ago. This is it. The FINAL time, the FINAL performance EVER, of "Especially for you". LIVE in LONDON!!! A not to be missed event.