Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet... KYLIE! New York Pride And More :)

First of all I want to say enormous "thank you" to the absolutely amazing person, stunning inside and outside, my inspiration and life energy, the one who "was there" through my toughest times 10 years ago, and still IS "there", The One & Only, Kylie Minogue!!

If it is even possible, moments like these make me love her even more! As one of my Twitter friends said: "Person: Why do you love a celebrity if you know they'll never love you back? Us: Why do you breathe if you know you're gonna die?" Kylie loves us back and she proves it!

So, what wouldn't you do to see/hear Kylie!? (well, let me break it down for you like this: I would never go stalking her! And that is exactly why I am not going to mention where she's staying in NYC while she's actually here) BUT, what you could do is go to the Day Party - a New York Pride event that took place on Saturday, June 23rd, on the famous Pier 83, from 3 to 10.30 p.m.

Since I am (very) far from being gay (and thanks to those absolutely nice people working there for letting me stay), I decided not to get tickets, but just come up the Pier, since even at the back one could clearly see the stage and what was going on there. So after meeting my (now) friend Anthony (from Say Hey) after 5 p.m., we figured Kylie won't be up on stage at least until 9 p.m., so he and his friend went on to enjoy the party and I took off to the closest bar/restaurant to have linner (lunch+dinner) and a glass of wine, sitting outside enjoying the music :)
P.S. Oh how I wish all NYC clubs had music at least half as good as it was at that place, to be honest!! After enjoying my meal and a drink, I went to the park/playground next to the bar, took few cool pictures and realized it was 7.30 p.m. already.

So just to make sure the lovely guards let me on the Pier one more time, I decided not to take my chances and headed to the Pier. After waiting for an hour, enjoying the music, my friend let me know that people were talking about Kylie coming up on stage around 9.15 p.m. and workers were checking the stage - we got all extra excited (exchanging multiple simple "OMG" messages :P )!

In nust 15 minutes the VJ/DJ/MC (I am not sure who he was) came on stage and we all knew who was already there getting ready to take over - Kylie! And here comes one of the nicest parts (oh, my luck!) - the ticket guy comes up to me and says: "you've been waiting for a long time here, do you want a pass to come in?". I. Was. Stunned!! I did not know what to say! (I mean, come on people, tickets were $100-150 each!)
So I thanked him million times, saying that I was waiting to see Kylie (and million more after I came out) and ran closer to the stage. And here she comes, a tiny little lady in a little sparkly mini dress by Dolce&Gabbana (I did not see Louboutin shoes at the time!!), looking exactly like during this part of the Intimate and Live:

The sing-along of the most favorite part of Timebomb - "Whoop" went very well - don't know how it was up close to the stage, but the back of the "choir" were singing their lungs out! <:D Surprise surprise was waiting for us after that - Kylie was asked to sing another song, and here we go - "All The Lovers" was definitely heard everywhere along the Pier, all 24 boats, 12 helicopters, 4000 people and 68 skyscrapers on West Side felt the love for Kylie Minogue for full 3 minutes! :D                                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                After the party was over (oops, I meant Kylie's performance!) at least half of people left right away, so did I. After checking the time I realized I was late for my next train and will have to hang around for another 1.5 hrs... Little did I know what was waiting for me next! I'm standing next to the exit from the Pier, texting my friend and the next thing I see - a car pulling out of the parking deck and Kylie in it (yes, it was dark and windows were up, but remember what I tweeted a month ago? We have double vision: regular and Kylie vision :D ). So I start walking to the crosswalk and the car stops at the red light (we are standing at the same red light waiting to cross). Next thing I see is the guy (Hi, Lance! :P ) walking very slowly towards the car (I would never do it if I was by myself!), so I walk after him (Kylie's window is down at the moment and she's sitting on "our" side), Kylie sees the "strangers" walking towards the car and starts rolling the window up, BUT here comes Kylie's "Lovers vision" - she sees us waving and showing heart signs, so she rolls the window down leans over and starts talking to us: "hi guys!". This is the moment when I whether swallow my tongue or start talking so fast that my thoughts have to be catching up with what I've said hours later! That is what happened last night (thank God - what a wasted opportunity would it be!) - I still do not remember what and when it was said, but here we go: Me/Lance: "We lve you very much Kylie, thank you for coming, you were amazing" Kylie: "aww, thank you so much" Me: "I'm from the Ukraine if you remember us from the xFactor with a big Kylie banner, I'm so excited to see you here again!" Kylie: (the Ukraine part) Omg, really? (xFactor) Yes, I remember! Lance: (help me out here, I do not remember what you said after!!)  

 Kylie: (ATTENTION readers!!!) "Would you guys like to take a picture with me?" (and here I completely get Kylie-struck (for whatever number of time!) by her kindness and care for fans!) Us: (in disbelief) "really?? Thank you so much!!!" Lance let me go first, the light turns green, the car behind honks and here comes Kylie: "oh, that can wait!" - hahaha!! We take the pictures, say thanks couple more times, Kylie said we are welcome, they start driving slowly and I yell: "Have fun in NYC!", she leans over one more time and says; "Thank you!" waving "bye" to us. (ok, so let me ask you: personally I do NOT know any other celebrity who'd do something like this for her fans, do YOU?)                                                                                                      

So "how does it feel in my arms" sings Kylie: well, few moments later me and Lance start realizing what just happened, checking the pictures to make sure it actually DID happen, our hands start shaking and we are completely lost! We start walking down the street, filled with emotions and disbelief!! After an hour I was sitting at the train station, still shaking and not being able to stop smiling - I still am! ;)
VIDEOS (sorry for shaky ones-could not stand still+pier was shaking from everyone jumping&dancing+full zoom on my camera - just like Kylie sings: "When walls are shaking, ground feels like a mind break" )

TimeBomb &  All The Lovers:
So, Kylie, if you read this some day, here's millions more "thank you"s and "I love you"s I wanted to say!!! You've changed my life 11 years ago, led me through toughest times 10 years ago, gave me strength and belief in myself 8 years ago and you are keeping me going still!! I'm hoping you read this and know what you mean for me personally and for many others out there! THANK YOU!  Thanks everyone for reading this story and my blog, it reached over 43000 views in less than 6 months already, thanks to all (good) Say Hey peeps for being such good friends and keeping everyone updated, thanks to my #MinogueFamily on Twitter - #LoversAreAmazing - that's for sure! I am beyond thankful and kinda feel honored to be called a "Kylie Star Blogger" last night and also quite few people thanking me for updating about last night's event (they went there because I blogged about it and I have to give credits to James Mowdy (aka @JamesJetsOften) for informing me at first place!) I am very thankful to all of you peeps and so very glad you're enjoying my blog!
Love you!        

xo K                                                                                                                       


  1. I am genuinely so very very pleased to read about your amazing Kylie moment. I know how much that meant to you personally. Hope you get to experience many more in the future.
    I love reading your blog, and following your Twitter also. You are certainly staking your claim to being Kylie's number one fan.
    Sharing that Kylie concert with you was one of the highlights of my life, and made so much special, because of you, so a huge thank you from me :)
    Very best wishes for the future.
    Ian X

  2. I had the good fortune of meeting her too!! I'm so happy you got to meet her. She's so awesome, isn't she?? Here's my story if you're interested!!

    Congrats again!!! That's a great story you have that I know you will remember forever!!

  3. this is beautiful, really love Kylie Minogue, she is my life.

  4. Thank you guys for your responses - I really really appreciate it!!! :) Thank you!!

  5. I´m so delighted to read your Kylie moment. I´m from São Paulo Brazil and I´ve been a fan of Kylie for as long as I can remember. Been to a concert here in São Paulo and twice in London for Aphrodite. Kylie is truly unique. One of the most talented artists in the last two decades and an inspiration to many. I love her megawat smile and her attitude towards her fans. Always such a darling. Can´t wait for her next gig. Who knows maybe I will have my so long awaited Kylie moment to share with other fans.

  6. Thanks for the report.
    This happened to me outside Wembley at 1:15AM.
    Kylie's car drove out; she put her window down, and smiled right at me in my eyes! I was totally thrilled and could say nothing but, "Thank you, Kylie. God bless you."

    Others in the crowd of about 12 hard-core fans started saying, "Kylie, sign this. Kylie. Kylie." Jackie Jackson, her security person at that time, said, "She ain't signin' nothing. Get away from the car!" It was a great show, opening night in London, her home with all her closest friends. We floated on clouds to the all-night bus stop to get back to central London.