Friday, July 27, 2012

MTV Buzzworthy: Kylie Answers Fans' Questions!

Thank you MTV, we've been waiting for this!! :)

"We asked you to submit your fan questions for Kylie Minogue, and she dutifully answered when she came to MTV in New York City last month and was so charming, lovely, and down-to-earth that she set the bar on extremely nice famous people against whom all other famous people will be judged forever. Anyway, get your minds and brace yourselves, because you're about to hear it straight from the mouth of a goddess.

Kylie's celebrating 25 years in pop music -- it's legitimately been a quarter of a century since her Kylie album debuted, and I can't even get my mind around that -- with her year-long K25 anniversary, which includes re-releases, exclusive shows, and more. Accordingly, we were dying for at least one of you to ask Kylie how she manages to stay so smokin' (please refer to her "Timebomb" video as proof), but nobody did. What's up with your decorum, Kylie fans? Guess we're the only nosy brutes around here.

Watch Kylie Minogue answer your fan questions after the jump."

PART 1 (YouTube Part 1):
PART 2 (YouTube Part 2):

Thanks to Audrey for posting YouTube videos available for everyone to watch! ;)

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