Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kylie Birthday Video 2014!

Hi Lovers,
I apologize for disappearing for such a long time - my country has been going through some very tough times over the last 5 months and it's become impossible for me to keep up with everything exciting happening in Kylie's music/TV career and around the world.

The video is here :) Happy Birthday Kylie!! (p.s. she did watch it, btw ;)

En, great job!!!

BUT: Kylie's B'Day is coming soon and one lovely Lover, Nicole, has decided to continue the "B'Day Project" - chain started years ago. It is going to be an "all Lovers included" video thing, so hurry up to book your spot in this thingy! ;)

Here's what you need:

First, you’ll send us your lip print and a short message for Kylie and your lip print on a white background. That will be like a confirmation, “yes, I defo do want to join in” but it’s not the end. 

This is to give you an idea how the picture is going to be devided, etc :)

Later, we will count you all and send you a piece of Kylie’s pic, you’ll draw it and send it back. We will put all those pieces back together to make Kylie complete. It’ll be a funny drawing of her by many artists. Of course, we understand that not all of you are talented when it comes to art but it absolutely doesn’t matter. It will actually be fun to have not really artistic pieces there. To make sure those completed drawings look like Kylie, we will make sure there will ALWAYS be someone who can draw in each of those “completed pics.” And to do that, we need to find people who can draw first…

Call all the lovers who can draw to email us their messages and lip prints by the 30th of April!

What the email should look like:
namecountrya message for Kylie lip printthe email address:

What the message for Kylie should look like: It’s supposed to be a short message about how Kylie changed your life, how it influenced you in life to be her fan, what crazy things she ever caused not even knowing it or just something positive. Nothing like “I love you Kylie,” or “you are so beautiful,” but HER influence on YOUR life. A few examples: “You helped me to beat cancer”“I met my husband at one of your shows” or just something less serious, “your music makes me smile every day” (you get it, right? :)) Max. 267 characters! (as i want to make them look like longer tweets later so its like 2 tweets - NOT INCLUDING “Happy B-Day Kylie”)

What the lip print should look like:
WHITE paperany lipstick colorscan it if you can, if not then just take a pic but try to keep the quality high People who CAN’T draw should prepare their messages and lip prints as well, but DON’T SEND THEM until we tell you so. We need to make separate lists of people who CAN and who CAN’T draw. If you have any questions, tweet @Nicole_Minogue

*UPDATE* (May 2014):

LOVERS, ask Nicole which part is yours (or search for yourself on the lists she shared on twitter - if you don't have one yet, you'll get it on thursday!), use any colors and techniques you want to and don't forget to email your picture back to by SUNDAY!  

If you got any more questions, please add it as a comment below, or e-mail at the address mentioned above, or use my Twitter (@IrynaKIM) or Nicole's to ask any question you might have :)

P.S. Kylie fan pages, web-sites, we've got a special part for you, so if you're willing to help make it a global project, please contact us for more details!

xo K