Friday, June 29, 2012

Wimbledon 2012 - The Beginning: Ups&Downs

Hello everyone!
So one of my favorite tennis Championships started this past Monday, June 25th. We are past Day 4 and oh so much has happened already!
Just recently tennis lovers were stunned by the news Caroline Wozniacki and Samantha Stosur left the tournament after their opening matches and here comes the other, probably most unexpected, shocker: Rafael Nadal was sent packing also after (yes, nobody knew who he was yet) Lukas Rosol won the 5-setter 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4!

Caroline Wozniacki - out & Tamira Paszek - on!
after loosing her opening match at Wimbledon 5-7 7-6(4) 6-4 against Austria's Tamira Paszek. Seventh seed Wozniacki had a chance to finish up the match in straight sets as she had two match points at 6-5 in the second, but Paszek would not let go showing some unbelievable shots to take the set and win the match in  3 hours and 12 minutes.
"It really sucks when you lose. Especially after having two match points and not taking them. It wasn't because I played badly. She just went for it, and that's it," commented Wozniacki.

Samantha Stosur - out & Arantxa Rus - on!
Australian dream came to an end when women's #5 Samantha Stosur lost the match 6-2 0-6 6-4 to Arantxa Rus. The US Open champion lost 6 games in a row to finish the first set before "coming back" to take the match into the third deciding set but failed to finish up the match despite saving two match points.

Rafael Nadal - out & Lukas Rosol - on!
Playing a fearless tennis, Wimbledon debutant Lukas Rosol caused one of the biggest ever upsets in history when he sent Nadal packing after the second round win 6-7 6-4 6-4 2-6 6-4, leaving everyone shocked and himself in disbelief.
"Maybe it's once in lifetime you can play like this against Rafael Nadal on Centre Court and you can win against him. You know, it's not easy. I never expected it can happen, something like this. I still can't believe it. It's like dream for me" - commented Rosol.

Meanwhile, Heather Watson - on:
Britain's Heather Watson is marching into the third round of Wimbledon with a comfortable 6-1 6-4 win over Jamie Lee Hampton.

Stay updated with or
Good luck to all the players in the future and let's see what a new day brings to the table! ;)

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Kylie At The Festival Paris Cinéma (Holy Motors)

The Festival Paris Cinéma is one of the French movie festivals, started in 2003. It is held annually at the end of June-beginning of July. This year it is held from June 29th to July 10th and it is Festival's 10th anniversary.

Kylie Minogue was the guest of honor opening the Festival Cinéma Paris tonight with "Holly Motors" with the cast (director Leos Carax, and actors Denis Lavant, Édith Scob, Élise Lhomeau et Jeanne Disson) of the movie in Paris.

Kylie was wearing a very interesting and edgy custom-designed dress by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Festival's official web-site for more information:

Press conference (Kylie speaks french ;)):

More on --> Holy Motors movie <-- and all about --> Cannes Festival <--

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kylie (In) The Music Box (Perfumes by Kylie Minogue Part III)

#K25 year has been very special for the fans - surprises, surprises coming from every direction and this is not an exception! One of the "Anniversary" surprises is the Music Box - that is Kylie's 11th fragrance to date! :)
Check out Music Box official website -->

Music Box features top notes of Mara des Bois strawberry, raspberry and bergamot; heart notes of orange blossom, rose and freesia; and base notes of sandalwood, amber and white musk.
The fragrance will be available as eau de parfum 30ml from July.

Kylie’s confidence

2012 is a very special year for you! How are you celebrating?
After 25 years in the music industry I really wanted to celebrate and to thank my fans for all their loyalty and support. K25 means so much to me and so far it’s been a year full of surprises and there will be a lot more coming up! As part of this special anniversary, I wanted to create a special fragrance for my fans to mark this event, which is how I came up with Music Box.

You have recorded some of your iconic songs this year at Abbey Road in a very classical, acoustic way. Did this new turn in music inspire you to create Music Box?
Music is always an inspiration to me so this fragrance is a beautiful way to represent this. Recording my hits in a new way at Abbey Road was such a rewarding experience. I hope fans will love these fresh interpretations. Music Box is a new twist on a classic, just like these recordings. And like the recordings, I want it to bring beautiful memories and conjure up delicious dreams. The bottle shape of Music Box is really fun and never seen before!

Where do you find all your inspiration?
I remember having a music box as a little girl and I was completely entranced by its magical quality. I was just really inspired by the way it used to make me feel. It was like a box of promise.

For which kind of woman did you create Music Box?
Music Box is for women like me. Women who like to dream, to dare and to feel feminine

For which kind of woman did you create Music Box?
Unexpected, fun and sophisticated.

In 25 years of songs and music, is there one song that stands out above the rest and of which you are particularly proud and fond of?
It’s impossible to choose one favourite song. They all represent different times and emotions in my life. I am always asked this question and am never able to give the answer. It becomes even more difficult having just recorded new interpretations of many of them. It’s like breathing a new life into them or dressing them in new clothes. Their essence is the same but their presentation makes me appreciate them in a new way.

K25 also represents 25 years of your now famously exciting shows and dazzling costumes, as well as many years of working with William Baker who also photographed on the Music Box print ad. What was you inspiration behind this ad?
Our inspiration was glamour, elegance and fun. Instead of the classic ballerina, our Music Box girl is a modern twist on a classic look, cabaret.

What was it like working with William on the shoot?
We always have fun shooting, even when it’s difficult or challenging. We love that. And we were so excited to bring this campaign to life.

25 years in the music is a huge milestone. What’s your secret to such a long lasting career and the fact that your music remained so popular?
I can’t tell you the secret as I don’t know it! But I do know that I’ve learnt so many lessons along the way and I continue to learn aspects of my craft all the time. I still feel inspired and challenged and that is what keeps me going.'s%20confidence.pdf

Kylie's Fragrance range to date:

Sweet Darling
Sexy Darling
Showtime Sparkling
Pink Sparkle
Pink Sparkle Pop
Dazzling Darling
Inverse (for Men)
Music Box

The Darlings

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kylie June #K25 Surprise - This IS A Surprise!!

Ok, here we come, can you believe it's been 1 month since the last #K25 surprise, aka TimeBomb video? Me neither!! ;)

"Kylie and Sydney Mardi Gras wanted to share this never seen before footage from her celebratory appearance at the Mardigrasland party.
  In the past you had to be there to witness the spectacle, but as a K25 treat we bring this 2am, 100o extravaganza to all the Kylie fans around the world"

This is how our Princess was supporting us:

And #KyliePride (this is actually what #Lovers had to tweet to unlock the exclusive video ;)) did it!! No #K25 goes without it going to the top of the WorldWide TTs of course! This time was not an exception:

And this is how excited Kylie was afterwards! :)) And happy Lovers loved the surprise! ;)

And this time Kylie & Co. did not disappoint (do they ever though? ;)) - since March we've been wanting to see this so much, we knew there were professional cameras and it just had to be released in some way - and our patience paid off!! We finally get the 22 minute (!!!) HD video of Kylie's super extravaganza performance at Sydney Mardi Gras!!! WHOOP!!! Thank you, Kylie Team and Kylie for this brilliant, colorful and breathtaking performance!!!

Timebomb has almost 8 million views in just 1 month!
You still can download it from the iTunes or pre-order the limited (to 5000 units) physical CD: and get a chance to win a signed copy too! Remixes are coming too!
Do NOT forget, The Best Of Kylie is out NOW!! ;)


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Meet... KYLIE! (Part II)

"You breathe new life in me, you lift me off my knees"

Little did I know what my vacation was gonna turn out to be like!!
Just 3 weeks ago, one day before the news about Kylie and Andres coming to the USA appeared, I changed my tickets to come back home a little later - and oh, how I love when I follow my intuition (I've learned my lesson from not listening to it before! :P).
On Saturday (when THIS happened) I wish I had a little gift for Kylie (I love giving presents more than receiving - true story!), so today, going to the city, I had it all prepared no matter what, having no idea if I was going to be so lucky lucky lucky to see her again (well, I've become much luckier over the past few years, but this is something you can never be sure of!).

When I arrived to NBC Studios building, it was 2.30 p.m. and I was quite sure Kylie's already inside (the New York Live show starts at 3p.m.), but I decided to hang around for a bit (thank you again, my dear intuition!) - and it did pay off - the car pulls up and this gorgeous woman, in this stunning dress comes out - "Kylie!" - was my thought. I see her smile and... (do you remember I mentioned that this is the moment I whether talk or "swallow my tongue"? Well, today -->) swallow my tongue being absolutely Kylie-struck once again! Thoughts were running through my head "Come on, you came here to give Kylie a little present, just say it!" - and I did, I asked her if I could just give her this present. She smiled and said, "Of course!". She takes a present and there's one thing that I'd love: "Can I give you a hug?", she smiles and says "Sure", leaning closer and giving me a hug (someone standing next to us goes: "awww, so sweet!") Then she says: "I saw your tweet and your site - you're doing an amazing job!" - and not expecting anything like this (and coming from KYLIE herself!!) I lose all the words and thoughts (not that I had many of 1sts before...) and the only few words I could squeeze in excitement were: "Oh my God, really? Thank you so much, this is so amazing!"
I did not realize all this time I was holding my iPod in my hand, but guess who did!? KYLIE! She goes: "Better take that picture!". So Terry takes the iPod (thank you so much!!!) from my shaky hands and click! Kylie asked to check if it was good - and after looking at it, we decide we need another one, because Kylie looked like she's "about to punch someone" (her words! :D ). Click again and we have a perfect one!!! I thanked Kylie few more times, she kept smiling looking gorgeous in that dress, shining like the sun in today's cloudy NYC :)

That was not over yet!! So, I totally forget I took my Stylist mag with me (just in case I was lucky again <:) ), I go to the closest Starbucks to grab a cup of my favorite passion tea (so thirsty!) and realize I had a mag! So I tweet #KyliePride, unlock the Mardi Gras video, watch it (with few more people around me looking over my shoulder). Hope Kylie read my "is it ok if I show up again" tweet, cause I felt so embarrassed coming back for an autograph (I'm not a stalker :P - once again - that is one thing I would never do!). But when I got there, all the paparazzi came from who knows where and Kylie was just about to come out of the building. A lady was passing by with her husband asked me who all these people were waiting for, to which I replied Kylie Minogue, so she goes: "oh, the Australian actress!" - I nodded and that put a big smile on my face :) Just then Kylie comes out and few people around me (those two included) go "oh wow, she's so beautiful!". Paparazzi take pictures, while Kylie can barely walk through all of them to the car... and when she gets into the car (definitely saw me holding a mag to sign), she rolles the window down (people start sticking their things to sign) and says "hers" pointing in my direction and signs the Stylist (With love) in the car waving "goodbye" to everyone. They drive away... and here I go, omG, did THAT just happen???

"On a night like this I wanna stay forever"

I'm walking down the street, chatting to some of my Twitter friends and then it strikes me - she did that (99% sure) because she did read the card I gave to her with the present!!! And that's peeps when I just fell apart right in the middle of the NYC - tears literally coming down my face! It took some time to pull myself back together to be honest - this is how much what she's done for me without knowing it means to me - those are the moments you realize how much Kylie actually means to you - it's like a challenge... in cases like this my iPod and Kylie's music are my best friends: I turn it on and the first words that I hear are: "Anytime you want me to, I can make you happy. There ain't nothing I wouldn't do (anytime) to make you happy" - coincidence? (after the signing -) Not in my case!

"You never know what you'll find, because stars don't shine in singular places"

I will never get tired of saying this: I love you so much Kylie, thank you for everything you've done in my life having no idea all along - now you know, but it is still just a little bit of the story I can tell! (maybe in #KylieCafe one day ;) )
THANK YOU million times and more!!! It means a world to me!!! LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. Lovers, you are amazing - over 1000 views of my previous Kylie story in 1 (ONE) day!!! Love you all!!!

xo K

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet... KYLIE! New York Pride And More :)

First of all I want to say enormous "thank you" to the absolutely amazing person, stunning inside and outside, my inspiration and life energy, the one who "was there" through my toughest times 10 years ago, and still IS "there", The One & Only, Kylie Minogue!!

If it is even possible, moments like these make me love her even more! As one of my Twitter friends said: "Person: Why do you love a celebrity if you know they'll never love you back? Us: Why do you breathe if you know you're gonna die?" Kylie loves us back and she proves it!

So, what wouldn't you do to see/hear Kylie!? (well, let me break it down for you like this: I would never go stalking her! And that is exactly why I am not going to mention where she's staying in NYC while she's actually here) BUT, what you could do is go to the Day Party - a New York Pride event that took place on Saturday, June 23rd, on the famous Pier 83, from 3 to 10.30 p.m.

Since I am (very) far from being gay (and thanks to those absolutely nice people working there for letting me stay), I decided not to get tickets, but just come up the Pier, since even at the back one could clearly see the stage and what was going on there. So after meeting my (now) friend Anthony (from Say Hey) after 5 p.m., we figured Kylie won't be up on stage at least until 9 p.m., so he and his friend went on to enjoy the party and I took off to the closest bar/restaurant to have linner (lunch+dinner) and a glass of wine, sitting outside enjoying the music :)
P.S. Oh how I wish all NYC clubs had music at least half as good as it was at that place, to be honest!! After enjoying my meal and a drink, I went to the park/playground next to the bar, took few cool pictures and realized it was 7.30 p.m. already.

So just to make sure the lovely guards let me on the Pier one more time, I decided not to take my chances and headed to the Pier. After waiting for an hour, enjoying the music, my friend let me know that people were talking about Kylie coming up on stage around 9.15 p.m. and workers were checking the stage - we got all extra excited (exchanging multiple simple "OMG" messages :P )!

In nust 15 minutes the VJ/DJ/MC (I am not sure who he was) came on stage and we all knew who was already there getting ready to take over - Kylie! And here comes one of the nicest parts (oh, my luck!) - the ticket guy comes up to me and says: "you've been waiting for a long time here, do you want a pass to come in?". I. Was. Stunned!! I did not know what to say! (I mean, come on people, tickets were $100-150 each!)
So I thanked him million times, saying that I was waiting to see Kylie (and million more after I came out) and ran closer to the stage. And here she comes, a tiny little lady in a little sparkly mini dress by Dolce&Gabbana (I did not see Louboutin shoes at the time!!), looking exactly like during this part of the Intimate and Live:

The sing-along of the most favorite part of Timebomb - "Whoop" went very well - don't know how it was up close to the stage, but the back of the "choir" were singing their lungs out! <:D Surprise surprise was waiting for us after that - Kylie was asked to sing another song, and here we go - "All The Lovers" was definitely heard everywhere along the Pier, all 24 boats, 12 helicopters, 4000 people and 68 skyscrapers on West Side felt the love for Kylie Minogue for full 3 minutes! :D                                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                After the party was over (oops, I meant Kylie's performance!) at least half of people left right away, so did I. After checking the time I realized I was late for my next train and will have to hang around for another 1.5 hrs... Little did I know what was waiting for me next! I'm standing next to the exit from the Pier, texting my friend and the next thing I see - a car pulling out of the parking deck and Kylie in it (yes, it was dark and windows were up, but remember what I tweeted a month ago? We have double vision: regular and Kylie vision :D ). So I start walking to the crosswalk and the car stops at the red light (we are standing at the same red light waiting to cross). Next thing I see is the guy (Hi, Lance! :P ) walking very slowly towards the car (I would never do it if I was by myself!), so I walk after him (Kylie's window is down at the moment and she's sitting on "our" side), Kylie sees the "strangers" walking towards the car and starts rolling the window up, BUT here comes Kylie's "Lovers vision" - she sees us waving and showing heart signs, so she rolls the window down leans over and starts talking to us: "hi guys!". This is the moment when I whether swallow my tongue or start talking so fast that my thoughts have to be catching up with what I've said hours later! That is what happened last night (thank God - what a wasted opportunity would it be!) - I still do not remember what and when it was said, but here we go: Me/Lance: "We lve you very much Kylie, thank you for coming, you were amazing" Kylie: "aww, thank you so much" Me: "I'm from the Ukraine if you remember us from the xFactor with a big Kylie banner, I'm so excited to see you here again!" Kylie: (the Ukraine part) Omg, really? (xFactor) Yes, I remember! Lance: (help me out here, I do not remember what you said after!!)  

 Kylie: (ATTENTION readers!!!) "Would you guys like to take a picture with me?" (and here I completely get Kylie-struck (for whatever number of time!) by her kindness and care for fans!) Us: (in disbelief) "really?? Thank you so much!!!" Lance let me go first, the light turns green, the car behind honks and here comes Kylie: "oh, that can wait!" - hahaha!! We take the pictures, say thanks couple more times, Kylie said we are welcome, they start driving slowly and I yell: "Have fun in NYC!", she leans over one more time and says; "Thank you!" waving "bye" to us. (ok, so let me ask you: personally I do NOT know any other celebrity who'd do something like this for her fans, do YOU?)                                                                                                      

So "how does it feel in my arms" sings Kylie: well, few moments later me and Lance start realizing what just happened, checking the pictures to make sure it actually DID happen, our hands start shaking and we are completely lost! We start walking down the street, filled with emotions and disbelief!! After an hour I was sitting at the train station, still shaking and not being able to stop smiling - I still am! ;)
VIDEOS (sorry for shaky ones-could not stand still+pier was shaking from everyone jumping&dancing+full zoom on my camera - just like Kylie sings: "When walls are shaking, ground feels like a mind break" )

TimeBomb &  All The Lovers:
So, Kylie, if you read this some day, here's millions more "thank you"s and "I love you"s I wanted to say!!! You've changed my life 11 years ago, led me through toughest times 10 years ago, gave me strength and belief in myself 8 years ago and you are keeping me going still!! I'm hoping you read this and know what you mean for me personally and for many others out there! THANK YOU!  Thanks everyone for reading this story and my blog, it reached over 43000 views in less than 6 months already, thanks to all (good) Say Hey peeps for being such good friends and keeping everyone updated, thanks to my #MinogueFamily on Twitter - #LoversAreAmazing - that's for sure! I am beyond thankful and kinda feel honored to be called a "Kylie Star Blogger" last night and also quite few people thanking me for updating about last night's event (they went there because I blogged about it and I have to give credits to James Mowdy (aka @JamesJetsOften) for informing me at first place!) I am very thankful to all of you peeps and so very glad you're enjoying my blog!
Love you!        

xo K                                                                                                                       

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kylie Minogue To Pick Up First-Ever 25th Anniversary O2 Silver Clef Award!

Friday, June 29, Kylie Minogue is going to be picking up the first-ever 25th Anniversary O2 Silver Clef Award at the annual awards event which raises money for music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins!

She said: “I am thrilled and honoured to be receiving the 25th Anniversary O2 Silver Clef Award from Nordoff Robbins. The work that Nordoff Robbins does, using music therapy to transform the lives of vulnerable children and adults is amazing. This will be a special event and I am delighted to be able to attend and reunite with many friends too.”

The annual event recognises musical talent whilst raising money and awareness for the national specialist music charity which uses music to transform the lives of vulnerable children and adults. Other attendees for this year's ceremony include Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Emeli Sande, Conor Maynard, Tom Jones, Fatboy Slim, Manic Street Preachers, Michael Buble and Laura Wright.

David Munns, Chairman, Nordoff Robbins said: “Kylie Minogue is a legend and also an international treasure! Her success across the music industry has been meteoric from the start and she is the obvious choice for our unique 25th Anniversary O2 Silver Clef Award. We are thrilled to be celebrating her success.”

The awards ceremony was established 37 years ago and has since raised over £8m for Nordoff Robbins. Munns said: “Our music therapy work is life changing but we need to raise more funds to continue to reach those who need it the most.”

What an honor!! Congratulations, Kylie, so well deserved!! :)

And here we come! Kylie received the special award tonight!

"I never would have thought 25 years ago I could have got an award like this and I think that's why I was so emotional up there. It's really hard to comprehend and how to express my gratitude."
Kylie admitted that she found it "hard" to express her gratitude to the music industry, and promised that there was "more to come" from her.

Enjoy the pictures&interview! :)

Absolute Radio Interview:


xo K

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#K25: Kylie In The USA (Promo)

Yay!! This made me very excited few days ago, because I was planning on prolonging my US stay for another 3-4 weeks, and as it actually happened this morning and I'm staying until mid-July, this is getting even more exciting for me!
Because our one and only Kylie Minogue is not here just for a vacation with Andres, she is going to do a promo for TimeBomb and The Best Of (OUT JUNE 19TH!!!) here, in United States, just in a little while!

"Kylie was just confirmed for Bravo's "Watch What Happens" in 2 weeks, and other promo is in the works on US TV and media... Andy Cohen is a big Kylie fan.".

Chelsea Lately on WED, June 20 (LA).
(E! Channel 196 on WED, June 20th, 11p.m.&12.30a.m.;
UK on Virgin Media Ch 156 on THU, June 21st midnight!)

The Soup on WED, June 20 (LA)
(E! Ch196 10p.m. and
UK peeps: E! Ch151 on FRI, June 22, 10.30p.m. & MON, June 25, 1.00a.m.
AUS: E! on SUN, June 24, 7.30p.m.)

Fashion Police on FRI, June 22nd (LA)

(E! Ch196 on FRI, June 22nd, 10p.m.;
UK: (probably!) E! Ch151 on SUN, June 24, 9p.m.
AUS: E! on SAT, June 23, 6.30p.m.)

The Day Party (NYC)
(SAT,June 23, Pier 83 3p.m.-10.30p.m.)

New York Live on MON, June 25th (NYC)
(WNBC Ch4 MON, June 25, 3p.m.)

Big Morning Buzz Live on TUE, June 26th (NYC)
(TUE, June 26, 10a.m., VH1 Ch217)

Watch What Happens Live on THU, June 28 (filmed May 25th) (NYC). 
(Bravo Ch 185 THU, June 28, 11p.m.)

Kylie on the Morning Show, Australia

No peeps, there's no Kylie twin and no, it is not possible for her to be on 2 continents at the same time, but the Morning Show (Australia) hosts were backstage on The Soup to interview Joel McHale and bumped into Kylie there. Of course Aussies stick together (that's what Kylie's fists sign stands for :D ) and Kylie was more than happy to have a quick chat :)

Kylie on Perez Hilton:

With Perez Hilton June 20th


Ready for some Locomotion? ;)

(thanks to WordIsOut! :))

Just to remind, Timebomb was doing amazingly well on Billboard Top100 the week it came out, reaching #34 on iTunes chart at one point and staying in Top50 for 4 days and Top100 for almost 2 weeks with no promotion or airplay at the time! Also, the TimeBomb video stayed at #1 spot on iTunes video chart for many days in a row, keeping American star Justin Bieber himself off the #1 spot! ;)

So anyway, here's a happy couple in LA airport ;)

stay tuned for more info and updates about upcoming US promo! :)

xo K

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Of Queen Elizabeth II

The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is a multinational celebration throughout 2012 marking the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom to the thrones of seven countries on 6 February 1952. Queen Victoria in 1897 is the only other monarch in the histories of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a few other Commonwealth realms to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee.
Following the tradition of jubilees past, a Diamond Jubilee medal is being awarded in various countries and holidays and events will be held throughout the Commonwealth.
She celebrated her Silver Jubilee (25 years) in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee (50 years) in 2002.
(The picture above is produced by Helen Marshall for the diamond jubilee using more than 5,000 photos sent by the BBC viewers)

When is the Queen's Jubilee 2012?
In celebration of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 2012 sees a double bank holiday taking place in June. The Jubilee bank holidays take place on Monday June 4 and Tuesday June 5. The majority of Jubilee celebrations will take place over the weekend of June 2-5 2012.
Concert at Buckingham Palace
Is organised by the BBC and featuring some of the biggest name in music, the concert will be attended by The Queen and other members of the Royal Family.
The ballot for tickets has closed but the concert will be broadcast live from 7.30 pm on BBC One, Radio 2, and on big screens in Hyde Park, St James's Park and The Mall.

The Sunrise News:

Watch Diamond Jubilee LIVE here!
Listen to Kylie on BBCRadio2 at 7.25p.m. UK time here!

Attention Americans: The Concert is going to be broadcasted on ABC channel on Tuesday, June 5th at 9 p.m.!!!

Order for the Jubilee Concert:
Madness - Our House (from roof of the Palace)
Robbie Williams - Mack the Knife, Let Me Entertain You
Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole - Need You Now
Ed Sheeran – A Team
Alfie Boe & Renee Fleming (from Palace balcony) - Somewhere
Gareth Malone and Military Wives - National anthem
Shirley Bassey – Diamonds Are Forever
Tom Jones – Delilah and Mama Told Me Not To Come
Cliff Richard – Medley of songs
Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
Jessie J - Domino
Annie Lennox – There Must Be An Angel
JLS – Everybody In Love and She Makes Me Wanna
Alfie Boe – O Solo Mio
Jools Holland & Ruby Turner – You Are So Beautiful
Renee Fleming – Un Bel Di Vedremo
Lang Lang - Hungarian Rhapsody
Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth band featuring The Military Wives – Sing
Kylie Minogue – Medley of songs
Stevie Wonder – Three songs TBC
Elton John – Your Song, I’m Still Standing and Crocodile Rock
Paul McCartney – Live And Let Die and two other Beatles songs TBC

Kylie on The One Show minutes before the beginning of the concert ;)

One thing I can tell for sure: Queen came out just in time for the best part of the concert:
Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth band featuring The Military Wives – Sing - this is where true show began! Absolutely amazing performance that gave us goosebumps - well done!
Robbie Williams was amazing - he's a real performer and entertainer at the same time!
And one of the highlights of the night for me of course was Kylie performing her medley, that later took over the Twitter trends - amazing vocals, beautiful performance and stunning-looking Kylie! She performed a medley which included: Spinning Around, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Step Back In Time and All The Lovers :


Gary Barlow ‏@GBarlowOfficial 
Kylie..... Brilliant

Elton John - just love his voice!
Stevie Wonder - one of the singers I've been looking forward to seeing perform at the concert - true legend!And all the legends mentioned above were scheduled for the culmination! Good timing ;)
Stay tuned for the pictures/videos from the concert!
One of the most weird performances was by Grace Jones who performed her entire song Slave To the Rhythm with a hula hoop, without it slipping before letting it fall to the floor at the end of the song and saying: "We love you - happy birthday, our Queen." (only she forgot it was NOT Queen's B'Day... :D )

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Best Legs Of The Night. #kylie #jubileeconcert

Queen Elizabeth II meets performers after the concert, introduced by Gary Barlow and Kylie Minogue:

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Kylie On Alan Carr's Chatty Man!

haha - nice!!

Friday, June 1st, 10 p.m. UK time - it was FUN!!!
Scroll down to have a 20-something minute laugh of your life!
Attention: too hilarious, so use the bathroom before you watch! ;)

Kylie will be seen revealing her saucy challenge to TV chat host Alan Carr tonight.
Asked by the comic whether she would have a “bum-off” with young pretender Pippa, she said: “I’m going to have to. I’ll definitely have to (bend over and) pick something up off the ground.”
Kylie, wearing a hot pink mini-dress, then leaned over and gave a wink to show the Channel 4 audience she is still in excellent shape.
Yet while she is prepared to tackle the bum challenge, Kylie admits she is nervous about singing in front of the Royal Family. She said: “I can’t tell you too much about the performance, but what I can say is I’m doing a medley.”


The Official Charts Company has formally recognized Kylie Minogue as one of the all-time singles queens – marking both her own glittering 25th anniversary in music, K25, and the 60th anniversary of the Official Singles Chart
Alan Carr did the honours on behalf of the Official Charts Company, exclusively presenting the pop superstar with seven Official Number 1 Awards to mark her seven Official UK Number 1 singles, at the filming of her appearance on June 1st Chatty Man. The special awards are each bespoke printed with single title and date that the track went to Number 1 – a veritable feast to behold for lifelong Kylie fans!
Kylie is the first female chart legend to be presented with a full set of her Official Number 1 Awards.

Kylie opening her B'Day present from Alan Carr :D

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