Friday, November 30, 2012

Champagne With Style, Or Roger Federer As A New Ambassador For Moët & Chandon

In one of the most exciting partnerships between two worldwide icons, Moët & Chandon is proud to introduce Roger Federer as the House's brand new ambassador. Roger Federer, with his shining aura of big bold wins and elegant moves, is the absolute natural match for Moët & Chandon, the universal symbol of global success and eternal style.

"I am teaming with Moët & Chandon as their new brand ambassador. Not just any champagne but the world's most loved. This is a real honour, and as a partnership, I see it as a natural match. The House of Moët & Chandon is an absolute legend, one of the most iconic symbols of global success and style", - Roger described the brand and their product on his official website.

The interview:

We immortalized this celebratory moment with the camera of the amazing photographer Patrick Demarchelier. I must have been shot so many times before, but I think you’ll agree these pictures are exceptional. The way Patrick has captured my movement is phenomenal.
I look forward to toasting with you my upcoming victories!" 

Shooting of the ad:

Enjoy the videos :)

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Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2012: Kylie Minogue, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Hudson And More

Kylie Minogue is set to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Awards, which is held in Oslo, in front of over 6.000 audience on  December 11th, 2012, along with Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Seal and others, according to Norway's press.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Gerard Butler are the hosts for the event.
The concert will be aired on TV in about 80-120 countries worldwide, and watched globally by approximately 350 million people! (Broadcast Info)

Kylie will be performing the songs from her latest Greatest Hits album, The Abbey Road Sessions, accompanied by the full orchestra conducted by Cliff Masterson during the performance.


Kylie Minogue opened the Nobel Prize Event with her re-mastered hits, On A Night Like This and Can't Get You Out Of My Head in a stunning floor length bright orange dress and accompanied by her backing singers.


(Thanks to SayHey'er 'greedyb@stard'!)

 The hosts: Sarah Jessica Parker and Gerard Butler and Ne-Yo performing:

More Kylie :)

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year on 10 December, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. The award ceremony takes place at the Oslo City Hall in Norway and is attended by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Norwegian Government representatives, and other prominent guests, including members of the Norwegian royal family.

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Kylie Minogue - The Ultimate Collection (Download)

Heath Castor (@HeathCastor) from the Let The DJ Shake You blog has created the amazing collection of Kylie Minogue's songs - The Ultimate Collection (K25 Anniversary Edition).

Here's the story behind it from Heath:
"In 2009 I created a collection for Kylie Minogue that included all of her singles in chronological order. I did all the remixing and editing to make it a little more fun and it was good. Here we are celebrating Kylie's 25th anniversary in the recording industry and I thought "Why not revist and revamp that collection to include everything from 1987 through to today?" So, I did just that. Lots of new mixes used this time around (they're denoted by *) and, of course, all of the singles from 2009 to 2012 have also been included"

There are also some bonus tracks ;)

I Should Be So Lucky (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
Got To Be Certain (HDC Extra Beat Boys Radio Mix)*
The Loco-Motion (HDC 7" Master)*
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (HDC Revolutionary Radio Mix)*
Especially For You (with Jason Donovan) (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
It's No Secret (HDC Alternative Radio Mix)*
Made In Heaven (HDC Made In England Radio Mix)*
Turn It Into Love (HDC Hit Factory Radio Mix)*
Hand On Your Heart (HDC WIP 2012 Radio Mix)*
Wouldn't Change A Thing (HDC Your Thang Radio Mix)*
Never Too Late (HDC Oz Tour Radio Mix)*
Nothing To Lose (HDC Radio Remix)
Tears On My Pillow (HDC 7" Remix)*
Better The Devil You Know (HDC Mad March Hare Radio Mix)*
Step Back In Time (HDC Walkin' Rhythm Radio Mix)*
The World Still Turns (HDC Radio Remix)
What Do I Have To Do? (HDC Pumpin' Radio Mix)*
Shocked (HDC Kybernetic Hybrid Radio Mix)

Word Is Out (HDC Summer Breeze Radio Mix)*
If You Were With Me Now (with Keith Washington) (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
Keep On Pimpin' It (with The Visionmasters & Tony King) (HDC Astral Flight Radio Mix)*
Give Me Just A Little More Time (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
Finer Feelings (HDC Brothers In Rhythm Radio Mix)*
What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) (HDC Logic Abandoned Radio Mix)
Celebration (HDC AKA Good Times Radio Mix)*
Nothing Can Stop Us (7" Version)
Confide In Me (HDC Absolution Radio Mix)
Put Yourself In My Place (HDC Radio Mix)*
Where Is The Feeling? (HDC Brothers In Rhythm Radio Mix)
Some Kind Of Bliss (HDC Blissful Radio Re-Mix)
Did It Again (HDC Mixed It Again And Again Radio Mix)
Breathe (HDC TNT Rework Radio Mix)*
Cowboy Style (HDC Steve Anderson Radio Mix)*
GBI (German Bold Italic) (with Towa Tei) (HDC VS Sharp Boys Radio Mix)*
Too Far (HDC Junior Vasquez Radio Mix)*
Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) (HDC Haunted Waltz Radio Mix)
Dancing Queen (HDC Turned Up The Tease Radio Mix)*
The Reflex (with Ben Lee) (HDC Lonely Child Radio Mix)
In Denial (with Pet Shop Boys) (HDC Fantasy World Radio Mix)

Butterfly (HDC Sandstorm Rework Radio Mix)*
The Real Thing (HDC Meaning Isn't Clear Radio Mix)
Spinning Around (HDC Radio Re-Mix)*
On A Night Like This (HDC Bini & Martini Radio Re-Mix)*
Kids (with Robbie Williams) (HDC Bubblicious Radio Mix - No Rap)*
Please Stay (HDC Metro Radio Mix)*
Your Disco Needs You (HDC Almighty Casino Radio Mix)*
Light Years (HDC D-Bop Radio Mix)
Bury Me Deep In Love (with Jimmy Little) (HDC AC Radio Mix)*
G-House Project (with Gerling) (HDC Forever Radio Mix)
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (HDC Greg Kurstin Radio Mix)*
In Your Eyes (HDC Steve Anderson Radio Mix)*
Love At First Sight (HDC Twin Master Plan Rework Radio Mix)*
Fever (HDC Contagious Vibe Radio Mix)
No Better (HDC Intoxicated Radio Mix)
Come Into My World (HDC Parkside Radio Mix)*
Slow (HDC Chemical Radio Remake)
Secret (Take You Home) (HDC VS Project K Radio Mix)
Red Blooded Woman (HDC Crazy Signs Radio Re-Mix)
Chocolate (HDC EMO Radio Mix)*
I Believe In You (HDC Club Junkies Radio Mix)*

Giving Your Up (HDC Alter Ego Rework Radio Mix)*
Sometime Samurai (with Towa Tei) (HDC X2008 Radio Mix)
Over The Rainbow (Single Version)
White Diamond (Ballad Version)
2 Hearts (HDC Kish Mauve Radio Mix)*
In My Arms (HDC Alternate Radio Mix)*
Wow (HDC Radio Re-Mix)*
All I See (HDC U.S. Radio Mix - No Rap)*
The One (HDC Freemasons Radio Mix)*
Boombox (HDC LA Riots Radio Mix)*
Ruffle My Feathers (HDC Britrocka Radio Mix)
All The Lovers (HDC WaWa & MMB Radio Mix)*
Get Outta My Way (HDC 7th Heaven Radio Mix)*
Better Than Today (HDC StarLab Radio Mix)*
Let It Snow (HDC Sleigh Ride Radio Mix)*
Higher (with Taio Cruz and Travie McCoy) (HDC Jody den Broeder Radio Mix)*
Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) (HDC Bimbo Jones Radio Mix)*
Timebomb (HDC Steven Redant & Phil Romano Radio Mix)*
Flower (HDC Radio Remix)*

The Smiley Kylie Megamix (HDC 2011 Club Edit)*
The Indie Kylie Megamix (HDC 2012 Club Edit)*
The Disco Kylie Megamix (HDC 2012 Club Edit)*

Heath split the collection into what would traditionally be physical compact disc style tracklists: FIVE .zip files, 82 320kbps mp3 files, almost five and a half hours of music.

Special thank you to Heath for all the hard work and time to make the celebration even more sweeter!
To support Kylie, please buy the official products! ;)


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kylie Minogue Visits Fans At 1AM To Say "Goodnight", Buys Biscuits In The Morning And Signs Books At Harrods

Kylie Minogue was proven to be one of the most fan-friendly celebrities in the world quite few times to date.
She easily rolls down the car windows to chat with fans in the middle of the busy road in NYC, stops to take pictures and chat to them when being late for the plane, signs merchandise through the fences and sends autographs to fans' homes.

Hayley's GIF of the night visit

But this is just a brief list of things Kylie does! This time, Minx dropped by after the Am Manager Awards (where her Manager of 25 years, Terry Blamey, received The Peter Grant Award) to say "goodnight" to fans camping outside Harrods Bookstore (to get a chance to see her at Kylie Fashion book signing), offered warm things to keep them "warm" and then bought biscuits for the "naughty lovers" the next morning so they don't starve!

This story was sent to me from my good friend, who was one of the lucky-naughty-lovers and felt the warmth, charm, sweetness and care of the Goddess herself! ;)
so, Enjoy!


The trip was amazing!! It was so worth it! I feel blessed that I could go!
I arrived at Harrods around 21.45, I think. There already were about ten people queuing. Some already got their tickets from the security, to make sure they could go in the evening. Around 22.30 he came back with more tickets for people who just arrived. I was glad we did get a ticket (wristband), did take a lot of stress away because we knew we could get in now. The security asked if we had a place to go, and if we did, then we should go and stay warm and come back in the morning to buy the book and get the wristband.

A few of us decided to stay. We had fun in the evening. Suddenly a car drove by really slow. It was Kylie and her car! So people started to tweet her. A bit later Leanne showed up with Kylie's phone, filming us and asking us how we are doing. She then said she has a little suprise to keep us warm tru the night. And then the car came back, and Kylie came out. Calling us "naughty lovers" and answering a few questions, telling us to be safe and warm. That visit was so good. And even if the book signing got canceled for some reason, it would not even have bothered me, cause that visit was so unique and special!

The morning came really quick and more and more people showed up. The queue was already going around the corner around 6 am. A lot of people decided to come early to make sure they would meet Kylie.
 While everyone was waiting a really lovely lady from TBM showed up with biscuits, saying that Kylie texted her asking to bring us the biscuits in the morning after she visited us. That made everything even better! It was all so perfect and so lovely. Kylie is a truly great person and has the best personality! Who else would come by and later deliver biscuits?!?! WOW! (I did hear she also asked to send us tea, but we did not get that. Don't know if that is a rumour or if something went wrong).
At 10 am they let people into Harrods in groups of 25 to buy the book and get the wristbands. They organized everything so good! No stress at all, everything was going smoothly.
People left when they got their wristbands. A lot of people were disappointed because they showed up too late since it was already very crowded really early.
The flier said come back at 5.30 for the signing.
 Around 6 pm, the security was getting ready for the signing. They let us back in, in groups of 25. There were 10 people who got invited to get a book signed, and they went in first.
After that they let us in the room, the room was very well decorated, with lots of roses and "Kylie shoes" on top of them. Really lovely!! And special to see shoes she keeps on tweeting as #shoeoftheday!
 By the time I got to Kylie I was so nervous! I am surprised I even said something to her! She was shining, and her eyes are... WOW. She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen! They keep surprising me - her eyes!

She said "Hello Ilse, how are you?" We had a little chat about the night, I bought her a present for Xmas and she thanked me for that and said that she will have a look at it later, she asked if I bought it in Harrods. She signed my book. And after that she signed yours (lucky me to have a friend and inspiration like these two! :).
I told her that you asked me to send her your love. She replied saying you run a really good website, keeping us all very up to date (Thank you, Kylie, it means the world coming from YOU!!).
After that my time was up and she wished me a good evening and said bye.

It was an amazing experience. Would not have wanted to miss this for anything in the world!!


Ilse (@ip_1984) also sent me the video and a picture of the visit. And I also wanna thank Hayley (@Hayley_KM) for sharing her video and pictures as well!


 Kylie Fashion is available to buy on Amazon NOW - it is ON SALE at the moment, so be quick! (as of today November 29th, 2012)

Kylie speaks about K25, Kylie Fashion and other things at Harrod's signing:

Kylie's latest masterpiece, The Abbey Road Sessions is out Worldwide and already certified Gold, so if you want a good Christmas present for family and friends - BUY the albums now! ;)

Special thanks to Ilse for the detailed EXCLUSIVE story for this blog, Kylie Minogue, for always being a sweetheart and treating her fans with such respect, care and love, and Hayley for keeping us updated throughout the night :)

Kylie and her manager of 25 years, Terry Blamey, with/at the Awards just before she visited her fans ;)

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Slow - November K25 - Kylie Minogue Surprises Again!

It's been a very eventful year for fans and Kylie herself!

This month is not an exception: after traveling to the US to perform on Dancing With The Stars and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then rocking the Strictly Come Dancing show with re-united Girls Aloud, and pleasing the Royalty at the Royal Variety, filming the Christmas Special with Rod Stewart, - at the end of the month, exactly on 25th, yet we still get another surprise from the Showgirl.

This month it "began to snow" a couple days before today's "snowfall", as page was cheering us up with the winter scene, letting us "play with the snow" by moving the cursor - the snow was "following" it:

Everyone had to tweet #KylieSlow and 10.000 tweet were going to "unlock" a new video-surprise.

It all started just in time with the picture unblurring as tweets were coming in:

Meanwhile, #KylieSlow became a #1 UK Trending Topic on Twitter in just minutes and help up for quite some time. It also hit the #2 spot in WW trends:

In just 30 minutes (which might be the fastest "Tweet To Unlock" to date), the Slow rehearsal for BBC Proms video was UNLOCKED! Kylie was impressed as well ;)

And all this time, Kylie  was 'watching' us in the process ;)


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PSY's Gangnam Style Takes The YouTube Crown Off Justin Bieber's Baby

It sounds crazy, but it is the fact!

"Gangnam Style" officially became the most-viewed video in YouTube history on Saturday, beating the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber's "Baby".

The video already got almost 813 million views and overcame "Baby" (currently has a bit over 804 million).

"Gangnam Style" was getting an average of 11 mln views a day since its July debut and became the "most viral, fastest-growing video of all time", according to Starcount.

PSY's video previously set a Guinness World Record for "Most Likes on YouTube," with 5.3 million (and counting).

The remaining Top 10 videos on YouTube, as reported by Starcount:

2. Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris, “Baby” with 803 million views
3. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull, “On the Floor” with 624 million views
4. Eminem ft. Rihanna, “Love the Way You Lie” with 516 million views
5. LMFAO, “Party Rock Anthem” with 502 million views
6. Shakira, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” with 500 million views
7. “Charlie bit my finger – again!” with 497 million views
8. Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” with 497 million views
9. Michel Telo, “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” with 460 million views
10. Eminem, “Not Afraid” with 375 million views


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Rod Stewart, Kylie Minogue And More Filming The Christmas Show At Stirling Castle

 The Christmas special is broadcasted on December 9th, 2012 @ 9.40p.m. UK time on ITV1.

Rod Stewart was joined by celebrity guests at Stirling Castle's great hall  for the exclusive Christmas special, which will see him duet with Kylie Minogue, Michael Buble and perform with Nicola Benedetti.
The rocker recorded a series of Christmas songs with the superstar singers and Scottish violinist.

"Christmas comes early for me this year. I'm really looking forward to singing with Kylie and Michael and performing with Nicola." - Rod Stewart said about the special, "The show will be a real seasonal treat."

Tickets for the exclusive evening were distributed via an online lottery and the dress code was "dinner jackets, kilts and cocktail dresses".

Those who missed out on tickets, waited outside the castle entrance to meet with the stars. Canadian singer Michael Buble greeted the fans with kisses through the fence, which did not leave anyone disappointed.
Nicola and Kylie were among the first to arrive in separate cars. Kylie was wrapped up in a quilted jacket and tweeted the picture of herself in front of the castle: "Hello Stirling Castle!"


During the evening, Rod and Kylie duetted on a big band version of Let It Snow while Rod sang a heartfelt rendition of Auld Lang Syne with Edinbugh’s Loud and Proud choir. Kylie performed with a children's troupe on Silent Night, while Michael Buble sang White Chistmas.

WATCH the AMAZING Kylie and Rod Stewart's Let It Snow version from the Christmas special HERE!

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New Cher Is Back With Woman's World

Music diva, one of the most popular singers in the world for over five decades, Cher is back!
Throughout 2011 and 2012, she has been working on her 26th studio album, first in over 10 years since Living Proof (2001). On November 22nd, 2012 Cher debuted her new track, Woman's World, the lead single from the upcoming LP, which is due to be released in January 2013.

Woman's World is written by Matt Morris, Paul Oakenfold and Anthony Crawford.

Cher shared what the song was about with her fans on Twitter: "when I started singing it I thought about strong Famous Women…. Then I Thought “fk That, THIS IS A WOMAN’S WORLD” We’re All Strong! MEN 2!" (November 22)

"Most of you seem to love song. That makes me HAPPY! I think you’ll like CD if u like WW? All songs aren’t Dance but they are Great Songs", - tweeted Cher after receiving mostly positive responses.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Roger Federer's 2013 Schedule: Miami Masters, Monte Carlo & Basel Not Included

As of next year, Roger Federer will be exempt from ATP World Tour Masters 1000 commitments due to the milestones he has reached during his career, so he can now choose which events he wants/can attend.

As of November 17th, 2012, a new schedule was released on, tennis fans noticed that a couple of Roger's "usual" tournaments were missing in the new schedule.

Thus, Miami Masters, Monte Carlo and Federer's hometown event in Basel, Switzerland were not included in next year's plan.

Roger Federer's schedule for 2013:

Australian Open, Melbourne
01/14/2013 - 01/27/2013

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, Rotterdam
02/11/2013 - 02/17/2013

Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, Dubai
02/25/2013 - 03/02/2013

BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells
03/04/2013 - 03/17/2013

Mutua Madrid Open, Madrid
05/06/2013 - 05/12/2013

Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Rome
05/13/2013 - 05/19/2013

Roland Garros, Paris
05/27/2013 - 06/09/2013

Gerry Weber Open, Halle
06/10/2013 - 06/16/2013

Wimbledon, London
06/24/2013 - 07/07/2013

Rogers Cup, Montreal
08/05/2013 - 08/11/2013

Western & Southern Open, Cincinnati
08/12/2013 - 08/18/2013

US Open, New York
08/26/2013 - 09/08/2013

Shanghai Rolex Masters, Shanghai
10/07/2013 - 10/13/2013

BNP Masters, Paris
10/28/2013 - 11/03/2013

plus hopefully the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

(partially Eurosport)

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

WATCH: Kylie Minogue And Girls Aloud Rock The Wembley Arena On Strictly Come Dancing

Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud are celebrating their anniversaries in music business by releasing some great songs this year. Tonight, the girls performed their tracks on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing in front of the 6000 people at Wembley Arena.

Kylie with Nikki Dean, BBC Strictly's online presenter
The atmosphere and support of fans was incredible, Kylie and all five Girls looked incredible and sounded amazing! Kylie performed her completely re-worked 1988 hit, Locomotion, from The Abbey Road Sessions (out NOW!) and Girls Aloud pleased the audience with their catchy "comeback" song, Something New (out now as well!), from the greatest hits album, Ten.

Enjoy the Girls Aloud performance:

And Kylie's performance just a little while after the Girls (thanks to "Flower" from SH ;):

Right after the performances, all SIX girls took over Twitter trends:

And Kylie and Cheryl shared compliments for each other:

The Queen herself was very pleased ;)

The group, who reunited to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and the Goddess of pop, who celebrates 25th anniversary in music business, are also lined up to perform on Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 19th, in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.

P.S. you can also watch Kylie performing Locomotion on Dancing With The Stars in USA and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno earlier this week :)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cheryl Cole Replies To The "Lies": She Is NOT Buying A £4 Million LA Home

All celebrities are being gossiped about, and obviously, some false information can really get onto their nerves - because after all - they are people with feelings, just like most of us.

Today's "tweet of the day" will definitely belong to a very popular female, Girls Aloud member with a very successful solo career, - Cheryl Cole, who told the untrue story-makers exactly where to go:

Watch out! ;)

Just to remind:
On November 17th, Girls Aloud, along with Kylie Minogue, are going to perform live in a charity special for the BBC’s Children In Need at Wembley Arena in front of 6,500 fans.
The group, who reunited to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and the Goddess of pop, who celebrates 25th anniversary in music business, are also lined up to perform on Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 19th, in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.

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