Wednesday, July 25, 2012

K25 - Kylie Minogue's Spectacular Year!

This blog post I'd like to dedicate to every #K25 suprise, Kylie Minogue and Team presented to us, sometimes - to most dedicated fans, but mostly - for everyone! ;)
Let's Step Back In Time and see what we've got already! ;)

January, 25th 2012: Finer Feelings (Orchestral)
First surprise that did NOT leave a single one of us untouched! I cannot describe the feeling, excitement, joy, happiness and love that was in the air that night! This is what you do to bring an exactly 20 year old song back to life and with such buzz! ;) Vocals, people, VOCALS!!

February, 24th 2012: On A Night Like This (Orchestral)
The Orchestra mania continues with another spledid #K25 surprise, this time a little more cheerful song, Kylie's 2000 hit, On A Night Like this!

March, 25th 2012: this was just an incredible time for all of us, especially Kylie's native Aussies and her other home peeps UKers, because this time Kylie & Co. prepared TWO surprises!
That month came the announcement and such anticipated and much talked about among fans, #AntiTour  in Australia and #AntiTour in UK (exactly on March 25th)!!!
That night was not less exciting though ;) Kylie shared a very cool and fun rehearsals video of her smashing I Don't Need Anyone :)

April, 25th 2012: Cherry Bomb (Anti Tour Footage)
This song... I mean, this SONG - is stuck in my head right now to be honest!!! :D it's just a "delicious cherry bomb", not just a song! And this is THE song everyone was more than just happy to have as a #K25 surprise! Kylie always hears us and they shared it with us! ;) (ok, now we NEED a DVD please!!!)

May, 25th 2012: TimeBomb (new single & video)
On April 19th and 20th, Kylie was spotted filming... something! The whole thing really looked like a video shoot, although nobody heard any music playing which left us all wondering what this all was about. We did not have to wait for too long though, because already in May we got this super special #K25 surprise: Kylie and team released a NEW SINGLE and one of the best Kylie videos EVER, TIMEBOMB!

June, 25th 2012: Sydney Mardi Gras Performance
You might ask "what can be as exciting as a new single and amazing video?" - well, how about a 22 (twenty two, yes!) minute video we've all been waiting for since the beginning of March?! ;) And this is exactly what Kylie and Co. planned for us for the June #K25 surprise! Enjoy the spectacular and very exclusive Sydney Mardi Gras Video! :)

July, 25th 2012: The Locomotion Through The Years
And the 3.16-on moment in the video is priceless!!! 2012 Abbey Road shoot we saw few pictures from!!

August, 25th 2012: Tightrope - Anti Tour 2012
A very much "anticipated video", just as promised by Kylie & Team - another incredible Anti Tour performance of one of fans' favorite songs :) Sit back, relax and enjoy this soulful song!
And don't forget to get a new app - "Beat The Intro - Kylie K25" - it's FREE! ;)

September 25th, 2012: FLOWER - new single and video unlocked
The video for the song fans have been waiting for almost 5 years was unlocked, Kylie Minogue's new single FLOWER from the upcoming "The Abbey Road Sessions" (out in October - you can now listen to the preview of every track HERE). The song is written by Kylie herself and Steve Anderson, the beautiful black and white video is also directed by Kylie:

Earlier in October, Kylie and team asked fans to tweet their entries for the Flower lyric video - and it became the warm-up surprise on the 25th at 12 p.m. Although, the second, and main surprise, was waiting for us later that day, and it was the rehearsals video of Come Into My World, The Abbey Road Sessions version:


November 25th, 2012: Slow - The Abbey road Sessions
One of the last surprises of the amazing year that was unlocked by 10.000 tweets in just 30 minutes ;)

December was the whole month of K25 surprises, from couple of unreleased photos and videos to amazing prizes! But I'll take you back to the video ones now ;)

December 8th - Can't Get you Out Of My Head snippet from the Abbey Road Sessions videos:

December 13th - I Should Be So Lucky snippet from the Abbey Road Sessions videos

December 16th - Better The Devil You Know snippet from The Abbey Road Sessions videos:

December 17th - All The Lovers snippet from The Abbey Road Sessions videos:

December 18th - Disco Down from the Anti Tour Rehearsals (most anticipated one, ha? ;)

December 19th - FULL Wow at the Abbey Road Studios video!! (my personal #1 :)

December 20th - Higher LIVE perfromance from Abu Dhabi in November

December 21st - Breathe in FULL Recorded At Abbey Road (my top 3 all-time song!! :)

December 22nd - I Should Be So Lucky 25th Anninversary Montage

December 23rd - In My Arms At The Abbey Road (AMAZING unrecognizable version!)

December 24th - Bittersweet Goodbye performed LIVE at the Anti Tour 2012

December 25th, last day of K25 - the sweetest of all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from Kylie herself! ;)

We hope you enjoyed the fantastic ride it's been!! :)

xo K

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