Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April #K25 Surprise - Cherry Bomb Anti Tour Footage!

The Excitement:
We are all ready and excited!!! :))
Tonight Lovers will be tweeting to unlock some very special live footage taken at the first show in Melbourne, Australia. Once again we will need to tweet the correct song from the list of Anti Tour tracks which will appear on the right hand side of the page.

7pm UK time on Wednesday, April 25th got to to watch the surprise unlock!!!

The Surprise:
Let it happen said Lovers and guess what - this time we were as quick as never before!!
Only moments after the excitement began, we figured out that April surprise was Cherry Bomb footage from the Anti Tour show in Melbourne - and that just proves how fast and furious Lovers are - all at the same time, with Kylie power in us, we unlocked Cherry Bomb in just under 20 minutes!!!


It jumped up to the #1 spot in UK TT just in few minutes and raised to #2 WW, as well as hitting and staying on top and in TT in many other major countries for almost an hour!

p.s. Thank you Kylie for retweeting this - icing on the cake for tonight!!! <:) So happy!

The Masterpiece:
And here's the result and video I bet almost every single Lover was beyond happy to see ;)

Major WHOOP!!! And awesome job, my friends!!! :D

Video HD download:
MP3 download:
(Many mega fat thanks to Kane from Say Hey ;))

P.S. This time again, Kylie was feeling all the excitement herself :)

xo K

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