Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spotted: Kylie Filming! (New Video Perhaps?)

Ok, I can barely handle myself right now - this is so exciting!!!!

So, the rumoured song is called "Time Bomb" - an old song which written by John Louis Biancaniello, Karen Poole, Samuel J Watters.

Discoboy's Story (from Say Hey):

"So, I am at work in Soho and there was a commotion going own downstairs, looking out of the window to my surprise and amazement was Kylie filming a segment from what I can gather is a new music video!
This is the best picture I could get!
I tried to get downstairs to see her but wasn't allowed to get in the way of the filming!
This was right in the heart of Soho, in a small alley way of Brewer Street!
There was no music being played but we overhead the crew talking about a music video!"

The story being acted out:
"There is an actor who is holding a box of vinyl LPs. The shot they are filming is Kylie walking into the actor and he then drops his box of records all over the floor!"

*UPDATE* from Discoboy:

"Ok guys, so the filming is continuing! I have been out with a colleague and spoken to the crew and had a couple of mixed messages. On one hand we were told that it was a music video, but we actually got to speak to Julia, Terry's PA, who is absolutely lovely and she confirmed this filming is actually for an ad.
I am working for the Hummingbird Bakery and so we thought it was a great opportunity to present Kylie with a box of our cupcakes. Julia took them off us and our business cards and said she would pass onto Kylie. Apparently there is a lot of excitement about the cupcakes, although they are hiding them from Kylie as they know she would probably want one and it might distract her from the filming.
It's really difficult to get close and take some decent pics, but my colleague has a couple of face shots that are better than mine, so when I get these I will post!"

*Latest UPDATE*
"Pretty sure now its for an advert and she is sitting in a Lexus to shelter from the rain"
"It might be her car actually, because it isn't brand spanking new and if there were going to shoot an ad for it, I assume they would be using a shiny new car!"

"And she's gone. After a morning of filming (mainly in the rain), she seems to be done!
I guess we will find out soon enough what the ad is for. My guess is that it is for a fragrance or maybe an ad for the upcoming album!
All I can hope for is that those cupcakes get tweeted about!
Sorry I couldn't find out more guys. The crew really didn't want to give too much away!"

Thank you for the story and pictures!!! ;)
And thanks for Say Hey peeps for the good quality pictures! You're the best! ;)

Duncan Mais ‏ @Duncan_Mais tweeted:
I'm working with Kylie Minogue today...what a little bundle of fun!
The Lounge Soho ‏ @LoungeSohoHair
So wonderful to have the beautiful @kylieminogue in @LoungeSohoHair's sister Salon Joe and Co today, see you soon!

And Discoboy spotted Kylie again!! She was back filming as rain started to go again :) and then Kylie was gone again... now she's shooting by another Lover's work place, Dan's ;)
"So she's gone again.
I tried to find Julia again but also couldn't see her. All I think we can surmise that this is the filming of an ad. As already pointed out, there was no music so it's unlikely to be a video. Given the box full of old Kylie records, then it is either something for the Anti-Tour DVD release or upcoming album, or for the ITV special. I think we can rule out a fragrance ad, as stylistically this look doesn't fit in with that kind of ad!
Nothing new to report expect there was a hell of a lot of Elnet hair spray on hand to keep every strand of her hair in place, despite this dreadful weather!"

P.S. a new #K25 surprise?? ;D

ilovesoho ‏ @ilovesoholondo
Ronnie Scott's next stop for Ms Minogue! (it's a Jazz club ;) )

The SC Guy ‏ @TheSCGuy
This night just gets better, now watching a Kylie Minogue video being filmed in #Chinatown!

Ok, it IS a music video!!!! :D

Danny Denkmayer ‏ @dannydenkmayer
Shooting a music video for a big artist today but it's top secret!!!!

Danny Denkmayer ‏ @dannydenkmayer
Todays shoot has been amazing best yet!!! Can't wait for you all to see it!

Danny Denkmayer ‏ @dannydenkmayer
“@samxclairex: Omg,r u gonna be in kylies new music video? @dannydenkmayer” how do you know this!?

A little 12 sec clip ;) Looking fierce! :)

and here's a little funny clip: Kylie running on heels while filming :D

and a great video here:

Kylie's off for a bike ride as well! ;) LOVING this so far!!!


Ok, Kylie's having another busy day filming ;) Today, she drives a Porsche!!

“@kylieminogue thanks for an incredible two days! Can't wait to see the video!!! <3 #k25fans”

xo K

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