Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kylie Minogue Anti Tour DVD Is On Its Way?

Maybe... One day...

*October Update*
Kylie in Yahoo OMG UK interview:

"There have never been any plans to release the Anti-Tour as a DVD. It was filmed the first night in Melbourne...
We did two shows in a night — I felt exceptionally rock and roll. But it's there and one day if I can press the button or make someone press the button and make it happen.
But the decision did come from above that there was so much on this year that it's been put to the side. I wouldn't have minded it happening. But it's there. Let's drag that one out. For K whatever, whatever the next K celebration will be. It won't be K26!"

Let's wait and see! ;)

xo K

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  1. That tour was only put on for Kylie's European super fan's, I guess the rest of us in Canada and the U.S. don't count, I was looking forward to a DVD being released, I've been a fan since day one, I have all of her album's, and DVD's, and I even flew 3 hours to see her live in TORONTO, but I guess that doesn't warrant me the title of "SUPER FAN". To bad, it would have been nice to see what this part of the world missed out on, I say "this part of the world" because, I noticed that when artist say there going on a world tour, they usually only mean Europe, maybe they should just say half a world tour. It's like "what there's another half", are there people on it, do they have ears, can they listen to music. Yes and we even watch DVD's with concerts on them, so who's ever in charge of deciding whether or not to release the ANTI TOUR on DVD, the answer should be, yes we should...