Friday, October 12, 2012

Kylie Minogue Gives A "Butt Cam" For Wendy Williams & Visits New York Film Festival

Kylie Minogue is going to appear at The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, October 12th, 2012.
We all know, Wendy is always very curious and funny, so this combination won't disappoint, as this little sneak peek shows already! To catch Kylie giving a "butt cam" for Wendy, tune in The Wendy Williams Show Friday morning:

Here's the "GIF", Kyles ;)

Thanks to the original creator :D

So you can WATCH the FULL Kylie piece now. It was a short, but informative one for the State side, Wendy being very friendly (as usual :), Kylie looking fantastic. I guess we heard an invitation to come and perform on Wendy's show some time, what do you think? ;)

DOWNLOAD full part to the original uploader BrianW (you'll need 7-zip to extract the video): 

Kylie looking sexy arriving at the Wendy's Show:

The show dress (or the dress-show? ;)

Also, being in NYC, Kyle Minogue appeared at the Holy Motors premiere during the New York Film Festival, wearing a beautiful blue lace see-through dress:

xo K

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