Monday, October 1, 2012

Fans' B'Day Gift For Dannii Minogue!

Just like the Minogue sisters are always being appreciative and nice to their fans, their fans LOVE to give back! Only few weeks after over a hundred "Lovers" were made beyond happy by Kylie's tweet about receiving "K25 - TimeBook", it was time to unite for the next mission and it was for Dannii's B'Day! 

And our doll Nicola organized the surprise:
After 4 months of time and hard work, Dannii's Birthday video is now less than 2 weeks away from it's upload! An amazing number of people contributed in some way to Dannii's video - over 50! Despite some problems, e.g. many time zones involved, video disappearing off the face of the Earth and keeping it a secret, the "Secret Mission" has been very much of a success!

The full video will be uploaded on 13th October 2012, 1 week before Dannii's Birthday! But from now, up until then there will be a reveal/preview everyday!!

*UPDATE, October 13th - The VIDEO*:

*Main UPDATE, October 17th & October 22nd*

Dannii saw the video and THANKS everyone who took part! :)

Via Twitter:
 #blownaway!!! Where do I begin? Thankyoutimesamillion x
Thank you!!!! Please pass it on to everyone in the video. #SoSpecial

Via Facebook:
Many thanks to these beautiful people #YouRockMyWorld

It is time for the so much anticipated first reveal!
You all voted for your favorite song for the video and the winner, by an amazing 16 votes, is:

October 2nd - Preview/Reveal no.2:
A little something to do with the opening of the video....

October 3rd - Preview/Reveal no.3:
Another song for the video! :)

October 4th - Preview/Reveal no.4:
Last song for the video!

October 5th - Preview/Reveal no.5:
a VERY exciting 'Behind The Scenes' of the video!! ;)

October 6th - Preview/Reveal no.6:
"Behind The Scenes" #2 featuring @Josh_DKM 's message! :)

October 7th - Preview/Reveal no.7:
Another little preview! This time... something to do with the finale:

October 8th - Preview/Reveal no.8:
A 3rd "Behind the scenes" picture, featuring @AmyMinOldenX 's message :)

October 9th - Preview/Reveal no.9:
A final "Behind the scenes" preview, this time with @jademariesmith 's message!!

October 10th - Preview/Reveal no.10:
A little something involving you ALL! However, those who sent their messages after the deadline, Nicola is really sorry but she was unable to add you to this!
A preview of the finale!

October 11th - Preview/Reveal no.11:
This is what this all is about ;)

October 12th - FINAL Preview/Reveal:
"I have been so excited to reveal this one to you for the past few months!! As they say, saving the best till last!

I big thank you to the amazing Laura Quinlan (@laura_aka_lil) who created these amazing dolls especially for Dannii's birthday video! Rather creating more recent dolls, Laura did some of the earlier looks of Dannii's career and even added amazing backgrounds!!

Here, I show you two, there are another TWO!! But you will have to wait and see!"

So.... TOMORROW is the big reveal! "After 4 months, the day is nearly, finally here - I hope you are all excited!"
And we can also reveal... that the video will be uploaded...

(a message from Nicola: "I tried my best to get as many countries that have sent me messages on as possible, If I have missed any of you out, I am really sorry and feel free to contact and I will be more than happy to find out for you!! 
I also tried to pick a time that would be suitable/reasonable for everyone involved to watch it at the same time, but I soon realised that was impossible!
I really hope you enjoy the video!! and then we need to get Dannii to see all your amazing work and messages!!
Lots of love xoxo")

*Stay tuned, UPDATES are coming EVERY day beginning October 1st!*

xo K


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  2. It's huge:) dannii gonna faint;)

  3. Lianda can you contact @NicolaKirstie_ via Twitter please regarding your question - she's the one putting entries together! Thanks! :)