Saturday, August 25, 2012

"K25 TimeBook" - A Fans' K25 Gift For Kylie!

*MAIN UPDATE: September 17th, 2012*
Everyone who participated: Kylie RECEIVED the "K25 - TimeBook" and THANKED everyone involved! :D WHOOP!!!

ONE Book, THIRTY ONE pages, in just TWO weeks over ONE HUNDRED #Lovers united to make this super special project for the little woman with a HUGE heart, Kylie Minogue, possible!
It took about a month to come up with the idea of not a regular scrap book, but something a little more unique and unusual - and now it is almost finished and ready to be sent!
With the brainstorming help of some fans, hands and blogs, "time and sweat" of others and creativity of all people participating, I can assure you - Kylie won't be bored!! ;)

The book initially was meant to be just a little something celebrating #K25 year, but Kylie-Uniting-Power has proven to be unlimited once again - it turned out to be a more than 100 entry one celebrating KYLIE!

So, making your August #K25 day even more exciting, today I am revealing the COVER of the
"K25 TimeBook" ;)
Hats off to my peeps, unbelievably talented people, for their time and patience, and at the end, for the incredible work done: Kyle (@kylebstyle) - sign & David (@withoutGoliath) - background! :)

This blog post will be updating - I will be revealing every page of the book, so everyone who participated can find themselves in it :) also a VIDEO of the book (to see how it works - remember, it's not just a book ;) will be posted soon as well!
P.S. Pages pictures will be posted the way you won't be able to read people's messages out of respect of everyone's privacy!

*September UPDATE*
As promised, a little video of how the book works :) 
Half of the messages were already put inside, although pages looked slightly different when the Book was finished.

August 31st, EXCLUSIVE "Love At First Sight" Matias Segnini rmx for "K25 Timebook" PREMIERE!

EXCLUSIVE: Love At First Sight - K25 remix CLICK on picture to listen & DOWNLOAD in full!!

My special THANKS to:
* Kylie Minogue (@KylieMinogue) - for being the "Cover Girl" this all is for & about!
* Matias Segnini (@matiassegnini) - for exclusive Remixes CD & Artwork;
* Kyle (@kylebstyle) & David (@withoutGoliath) - for your time, ideas & creativity for the Book Cover;
* Kylie Brazil (@SiteKylieBrasil) & Kylie India (@KylieIndia) - for spreading the word on their websites;
* Elizabeth (@MightyElizabeth) - for brainstorming on a Book Title ;)
* Alla (@pyatachunya) - for helping with the hardest part of the process ;)
* YOU ALL for participating, sharing, celebrating, helping, supporting, uniting and making this all possible - I couldn't have done it without you!

So first sneak peeks - book itself (no cover picture yet ;), what it looks like inside (empty :D) & the process:

Matt's exclusive "K25 Remixes" CD booklet:

And here we go: "K25 TimeBook" pages!
(P.S. If you don't see your complete message or artwork or something else - don't worry, EVERYTHING was included! It is whether in the "envelope" or in a "mini-book" style ;)

This is IT! :) "K25 - TimeBook" was sent on September 4th!!! :)

HAPPY #K25!!

xo K


  1. Looking great! Can't wait to see all!!

  2. That is awesome. Thanks Iryna! :) x

  3. IIIII LOOOOOOVVVEEE ITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *speechless*

  4. Thank you - so happy so many people are enjoying it!! :D

  5. it's amazing. love it!!! <3

  6. haha i can see mine in the first pic, although its only a bit but im happy i can take part in this book .. im sure Kylie will enjoy reading it!! Wish it could be printed for #Lovers :D

  7. Thank you again everyone!! :) p.s. Lendy, all of your pics were included ;)

  8. will be waiting for more insights :D