Sunday, August 12, 2012

London 2012 Summer Olympics - The Results

Congrats to the Team USA for the amazing achievement during this year's Summer Olympics as well as China and hosts - Great Britain!!
And all the other participating countries for the great time and entertainment for the whole world watching!
Here's the Top 20 medal count and I must say I am very proud for my native country, Ukraine, which reserved its #14 spot in this chart! :) (we could've been higher if not for few misunderstandings though)

Top 3 Countries' Medals by sport:

Team USA:                                Team China:                                                  Tean GB:


For full details on everything London 2012 Summer Olympics, please visit -->

Around 8 million people visited Olympic Venues during the games
27 million people tuned in to the Opening ceremony
Closing Ceremony was one of the best so far! ;)

xo K

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