Saturday, August 25, 2012

Incredible Music By Mitchell Cullen (FINGERS)!

Hello everyone!
NEW discovery for me today - Mitchell Cullen aka "FINGERS" ;)

With his own unique style, Fingers is fast becoming known for his outstanding speed and 12 string guitar skills. He is also an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, having mastered the didgeridoo, slide stomp box, harmonica, percussion, and banjo whilst topping it all off as a singer and song-writer.

He currently has 4 CDs out, with another track recorded at Couch Studio with Shaun O'Callahgan, "Sister" (released in July 2011) on the CD "Ocean Blue".

FINGERS Mitchell Cullen was on a WA Tour in 2011, and Australian Tour in 2012 - here are just couple of videos that made me fall in love with this genius' music - TRY! ;)

So?? ;) Good job, Australia!
You can also visit  FINGERS Mitchell Cullen's official website:
xo K

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