Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kylie's August #K25 Surprise!

Whoop, we wanna wanna!! :))
#KylieBTI is what should be tweeted TODAY at 12p.m. UK time to unlock a very "anticipated video"!
The hashtag itself gave us no clue until:

The new "Beat The Intro - Kylie K25" App became available on iTunes - it "celebrates 25 years of amazing music sung by the lovely Kylie Minogue, but are you good enough to guess them, and quick enough to win fantastic prizes? What's you favourite ever image of Kylie? Do you fancy having a personalised signed version in your house? Obtain 3 stars on the 10 track and the 30 track game and it could be you receiving a giant signed image of Kylie to your front door. The faster you answer the more chance you have to win those stars."

But this was just the FIRST surprise of the day - so don't forget to tune on Twitter & page to find out what Kylie&Team have as a surprise VIDEO for this month! ;)


And here we are - our August #K25 video surprise is the amazing Anti Tour's Tightrope!
One of fans' most favorite non-single/album songs out there Miss kylie Minogue performed during her incredible mini Anti Tour in March ;) It definitely IS the anticipated video! Thanks Kylie & Co.!

it all began with tweeting... well... not right away, because as soon as the clock struck 12 p.m. UK time, what WE saw was "Tweet #BTIKylie now" instead of #KylieBTI :) but thanks to Kylie - everything was fixed&both were counted towards the video unlocking process:

And here we go! #2 trending topic WW&UK for over 20 minutes and that's not all!

Then Kylie got in the mood if giving us a clue :D

Meanwhile page was changing before our eyes :)


We had a great #K25 day! :) Thank you Kylie & Team!

You can look back at all the K25 surprises HERE :)

xo K


  1. Thanks for posting...this was the first 'tweettounlock' I have was 4AM here and I couldnt wake up. Loving Tightrope!!!

  2. you're very welcome, Marc!! :) Yes, LOVING Tightrope - one of my favorites in particular!! So glad we got this one as a surprise!