Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kylie At Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch Party!

The Olympic party isn't over yet: Kylie Minogue poses with Olympians Alex Partridge, Emily Pidgeon, Jenna Randall, Victoria Pendleton, Laura Trott, Asha Randall, Jason Kenny and Andrew Osagie at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 launch party, which took place on August 15th (well, more like 16th ;)).

Samsung Electronics is taking another shot at the dominance of Apple's iPad with a tablet equipped with a digital pen and a faster processor at the same price tag. Apple's latest iPad starts at the same price but the Note 10.1 offers some features that the iPad does not have, while its screen resolution is lower than the iPad's.
It is Samsung's first Android tablet equipped with a digital pen and can run two applications side-by-side on a screen divided in half. The split screen, made possible by the quad-core processor and two gigabytes of RAM, can be useful when taking notes while watching a video or surfing the Internet.
(you can find out more about it HERE)

Meanwhile, this is what Kylie's been busy with! She left us all wondering what that was all about tweeting the picture of her "today's kit" on August 14th:

Now it all makes sense - she was rehearsing a little gig for the launch party in UK!
(rehearsing before the party, August 15th in Dolce&Gabbana leopard-print dress. SHOES!! <:D )

And later that night rocking the dance-floor in a very sparkly pink mini-dress (by Roberto Cavalli), performing some of her biggest hits! (SHOES (again)!!)

All The Lovers:

Can't Get You Out Of My Head:


(Many thanks to IBIY from Sayhey for download links!!)

(according to Twitter users who were lucky to be there, Kylie performed All The Lovers, Wow, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Better the Devil You Know and Locomotion)

I bet everyone had a Kylietastic night! ;)

And the sweet couple, Kylie and boyfriend Andres, leaving the event together later that night, looking gorgeous!

xo K

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