Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glamour Awards: Kylie Is Outstanding!

That is exactly what she deserves - The Outstanding Contribution award by Glamour!! Congratulations, Min!!

After 25 years in the spotlight - Kylie Minogue is more than worthy our Outstanding Contribution gong. Although it's difficult to pinpoint just one area in which Kylie has made an outstanding contribution - music, acting, fashion, fragrance; the pintsized popstral is a whirlwind of multi-talent, wrapped up in an undeniably-adorable package. Thought of as a national treasure despite her Aussie roots (if anyone's an honorary Brit, it's Kylie!), she boasts 33 Top Ten UK singles, seven UK No.1s, record sales in excess of 68million, and two further GLAMOUR trophies after being named Entrepreneur and Woman Of The Year at the 2009 awards.                                                          Kylie says: "Myself, my tour manager and assistant...joked for ten years that...we'll end up in Queensland with The Kylie Caf. We'll be telling stories about the good old days, 'so, which cocktail would you like? The Showgirl? The Spinning Around?'"

The Interview!!!

Behind the scenes of the Glamour photoshoot:

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watch Kylie On The Voice UK!!

Alrighty - the day has come! New single TIMEBOMB is out (and doing very well btw!), the video is bomb-alicious, time for some promotion! So here we go!

Watch Kylie performing live on The Voice UK semi-final tonight! 7.15p.m. UK time!
You do NOT wanna miss this! We've witnesses that said it was Kylietastic one!
(more info on tonight's show here:

you can watch it online HERE!

Also 1st June 2012 Kylie will be on Alan Carr's show Chatty Man
and 4th June 2012 Kylie is one of the performers on Gary Barlow’s Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace - you can watch these events via the link too!!! Thanks to Garthy!)

P.S. stay tuned for the updates, pictures and of course the video! ;)
Have a great day!

WATCH Kylie's performance from The Voice UK!

You can get Timebomb on iTunes: ;)

and a mini interview ;)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kylie - Time Bomb - Is Here!!!

Most anticipated #K25 surprise so far..? I'd say - OH YES!!!!
Wanna see why? Check this out and you've got to have it - go to to buy the single from the iTunes!
P.S. You can view some additional CCTV footage and the official lyrics at

So, first of all - #KylieTimeBomb that peeps were supposed to tweet to unlock the video, started to trend minutes before the official unlocking process in the UK as well as Worldwide! The "Power of Lovers" it is called ;)
Also, 25000 tweets was not a big deal for Lovers at all and everyone worked hard to unlock the video in record-breaking time - less than 50 minutes - while it was at the top of the trends in most of the countries on Twitter! Here's what it looked like ;)

P.S. Note, that it is 3.30 a.m. East Coast time - and even though it is so late/early, #TimeBomb has been trending for all this time in the USA, Brazil and Canada! ;)

and this is what Kylie looked like ;)

IT IS AWESOME!!! The video is amazing - enjoy!!!

P.S. Check out Kylie filming the video

And some "Bum-believable" article about it in The Sun today

Wanna be in Kylie's new video? It's easy and for everybody: please visit and make it happen! ;)

Kylie Minogue - Timebomb lyrics

Fast, time is ticking now so fast
The sand is running quick right, through our hands
Beat, feel the rhythm in my heart beat
Why don’t you move your body, to my body
Before we disappear
Tell me now,

Do you wanna, wanna,
I wanna, wanna
Dance like it was the last dance of my life
I wanna
Wanna, wanna, wanna
Do you wanna, wanna
Dance like it was the last dance

Wait, no please don’t make me wait
When walls are shaking ground feels, like it might break
It’s not the end of the world
It’s just the start of me and you, yeah
So let’s just take the moment, boy let’s move
Tell me now

Do you wanna, wanna,
I wanna, wanna
Dance like it was the last dance of my life
I wanna
Wanna, wanna, wanna
Do you wanna, wanna
Dance like it was the last dance

We’re on a time bomb
It might not last long
So let’s just do it right now
Do it come on
We’re on a time bomb
Before the night’s gone
Let’s just do it right now
Do it come on, come on


Wait, please don’t make me wait
Wait, please don’t make me wait

Tell me now
Do you wanna, wanna,
I wanna, wanna
Dance like it was the last dance of my life
I wanna
Wanna, wanna, wanna
Do you wanna, wanna
Dance like it was the last dance

We’re on a time bomb
It might not last long
So let’s just do it right now
Do it come on
We’re on a time bomb
Before the night’s gone
Let’s just do it right now
Do it come on, come on

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kim Clijsters To Retire... Again

This girl was the one who made me love watching tennis and later enjoy playing sometimes myself - her game is incredible, entertaining and amusing to watch - she never disappoints or leaves you unimpressed! On contrary, Kim has always been there to bring the best of her tennis shots, tricks and unbelievable comebacks!
So, this news, for the second time, brings sadness to this (pretty good) day... Kim Clijsters, after the string of injuries this year, decided to retire.

Former world number one Kim Clijsters has confirmed that she will bring down the curtain on her second career at the end of this year's US Open. The 28-year-old came out of retirement in 2009 after more than two years out of the sport, winning three more Grand Slam titles to take her career tally to four.
Injury, which has hampered the Belgian throughout her career, has already forced her to pull out of the upcoming French Open and she said the August 27 to September 9 US Open would be her last tournament.
"In principle, I will stop after the US Open. That's the tournament where I have had my greatest triumphs and it is therefore very special to me," she said at the headquarters of her sponsors Galaxo in Paal, Belgium. "The (Flushing Meadows) stadium is about 45 minutes from our house in the United States and so my in-laws can be there."

Clijsters won her first US Open title in 2005 and marked a sensational return to tennis with a second in 2009 before successfully defending the title the following year. She also won the Australian Open in 2011 and, by reaching the semi-finals at her next tournament in Paris, reclaimed the number one world ranking after a gap of 256 weeks.

The hip injury which forced her to withdraw from this year's French Open robbed her of a chance to finally win the Roland Garros tournament, where she twice lost in the final.

She said last month that she aimed to return to action at the Wimbledon warm-up event in Den Bosch in mid-June before having a ninth crack at winning the grasscourt Grand Slam. Clijsters is planning to return to Wimbledon for the tennis tournament at the London Olympics, having missed the 2008 Games in Beijing during her first retirement and skipped the 2004 Athens Olympics because of a row over clothing sponsorship. "The Olympic fever is started to build," she said.

Clijsters, who turns 29 next month, has won 41 singles and 11 doubles titles since she turned professional in 1997 and helped Belgium win a first Fed Cup title in 2001.

We will miss you, Kim..!

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#K25: Time Bomb's Ticking - Ready For New Kylie?

Looks like this month's #K25 tweet to unlock surprise is going to be bombalicious!

We've all been wondering what this all was about and when would we hear and see this new stuff from Kylie (for more info on that, please check this out:, so finally we'll get an answer - this Friday, May 25th, 7 a.m. London/2 a.m. NYC/4 p.m. Sydney make sure to be on Twitter to unlock much awaited new Kylie video for "Time Bomb"! (please go to to witness the progress of unlocking!)

Special thanks to Beno (SayHey) for this research:
We're definitely getting TimeBomb!! I downloaded the TweetToUnlock Page as a 'complete site' and read through the coding files. One of which is called, "config.html" and it states:

var config = {"hashtag":"nowplaying","launch_time":"Fri, 25 May 2012 07:00:00 +0100","end_time":"Fri, 25 May 2012 07:56:00 +0100","force_show_video":false,"title":"Kylie Tweet To Unlock","heading":"25000 tweets of #KylieTimebomb will unlock an exclusive video","content":"","tweet_button_text":"Tweet #KylieTimebomb Now","tweet_button_default_text":"I want to see the exclusive #k25 video! #KylieTimebomb","background":"img\/bg.png","width":"900","height":"225","tweet_size":"9","tweets":"25000","stripHashFromResults":false,"google_analytics":"UA-2034888-25","right_text":"

Given the fact it says; "25000 tweets of #KylieTimebomb will unlock an exclusive video" the question now becomes whether the video is a snippet of the song or video, the full song, or the full video?

So, stay tuned for the latest updates!

(all the Timebomb related updates HERE ;)

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Holy Motors: Kylie Minogue And Leos Carax, Cannes 2012

Finally, here's the day that our little peep is in Cannes and she's not only a guest this year, but an actress of the movie presented there! ;)
So, last night Kylie said hello to Cannes via Twitter:

And of course paparazzi were there when she arrived ;)

Did you know Kylie was singing a song "Who Were We?" in a movie too? Take a sneak peek ;)

Also what's very exciting is the first responses received for the movie itself!

Auds whoop, holler at 'Holy Motors' screening

The press screenings at the Cannes Film Festival typically end with a round of polite applause, scattered boos, or a schizoid mix of both; far rarer are the sounds of actual whooping and hollering. But Leos Carax's "Holy Motors" bucked the trend on Tuesday night, playing to the most wildly enthusiastic cheers of the festival and igniting a storm of critical excitement on Twitter, with many journalists hailing it as the boldest pic to play in competition so far.
"A holy mess of nutso go-for-broke filmmaking - wild, surreal and fully committed," tweeted GQ's Logan Hill.
"Best of Cannes thus far, Carax's 'Mulholland Dr.,' " said the Village Voice's Aaron Hillis.
"Just mad enough to win the Palme d'Or," in the estimation of the Guardian's Peter Bradshaw.
Reactions were harder to gauge during the actual screening of Carax's uncategorizable whatsit, a mad, arrestingly wacky mystery tour centered around a man (Lavant's longtime collaborator Denis Lavant) in a limousine, keeping a series of exceedingly strange appointments. Periodically the silence in the theater was broken by laughs and gasps, triggered by an extended glimpse of full-frontal nudity or a sudden burst of frenzied violence, but Cannes audiences are used to those sorts of triggers, often the signature of provocateurs like Lars von Trier and Gaspar Noe.
What they aren't so used to: sex scenes pantomimed in motion-capture spandex. Georges Franju references. An intermission scored by a band of accordionists. Kylie Minogue and Eva Mendes. A movie this certifiably nuts can't please everyone, but while there was a smattering of boos as the credits began to roll, they were immediately drowned out by sustained waves of rapturous applause. As fitting a title as "Holy Motors" turns out to be, Carax's first film in 13 years might well have stolen the moniker of Alain Resnais' far less unhinged competition entry: You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Another great review in Guardian!
And Australian Newspaper!

   FULL 46 minute Holy Motors Press Conference:                          Interview video: 

Download Press Conference video from earlier today: Part I Part II  Download Interview video HERE
More videos of Kylie earlier today:


Download the  Le Grand Journal interview HERE (avi) & HERE (mpg) - credits to Rideboy from SayHey ;)

RED CARPET!!  Download video HERE!

And Dress #5 - Kylie at amfAR Cinema against Aids Gala:

Dress #6: Closing Ceremony :) Gorgeous!!

Video from the ceremony:

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Kylie Minogue In Paris Match Issue

Looking incredible, naturally beautiful, fresh and stunning!! :)

Some interesting answers quoted: She doesn't consider marriage the culmination of love, she feels she misses something but not necessarily a child and she prefers to take the Superbowl performance as a tribute. (thanks to rgmix from SayHey)

You are celebrating your 25 year career. How do you constantly reinvent yourself?
If I felt I already know everything, I could not move anymore. When I was a kid, I sang "Grease" before my toothbrush as if I was holding a microphone. It was not written that I would become a star, but I already knew that playing and singing was part of my DNA.

How do you deal with feelings of insecurity and fear in this business?
Life would seem very silent without  an applause.
 ... And out of this world you make it to reality?
 It's like drugs: adrenaline is so high that the descent can be terrible. For this reason, I prefer to define myself as an artist rather than as a pop star.

Can one be both: a star and a normal person?
It is often enough to remove the feathers! Without them, I'm sometimes surprised how people look at me in the street.

Madonna sang at the Super Bowl in a Roman toga... like you did a year ago! Fun, no?
I take it as a tribute.

In 2005, you have spoken publicly about your breast cancer. Looking back, do you regret?
 I had no choice. It was in shock! Three days later I had to be on stage, I had to give an explanation. Telling it was also a way for me to make it real for myself too, because I could not believe it. In Paris, where I was being treated while I was in bad condition and frankly did not know how things would turn out, on several occasions people have come to me or given me a flower to wish me good luck. It was overwhelming. Throughout this period, I discovered the worst in people as the best. They realized, perhaps for the first time, I was also a woman who suffered, not just a doll smiling. "I am cured and very romantic"

Do you still feel scared because of it?
Over time, people tend to forget. Not me. It does not go a day without me thinking about it. As I look in the mirror and see mental and physical scars. There are days when I feel incredible anger and others when I say that  it is my misfortune and I am very lucky to survive.

Did this period uncover any aspect of your personality that you did not know about?
I always try to see an optimistic picture. I knew I was strong, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who really loved me. I feel like a cat, having had several lives. In my career as well as in my personal life, I made enough bad decisions and found myself in the stream. Finally, I turned out not too bad.

You often say that you are fatalistic in love. It's easy to say, but is it as easy to live?
Love is work. I have never believed that marriage was the culmination ... There are people who think that it's a beautiful story that will last a lifetime. I tell myself it will last as long as it lasts.

As you get older, are you more demanding and more tolerant in your relationships?
I become wise. More tolerant, less demanding. I am very happy today, because Andres totally respects who I am. And when I go into a spin for no reason, when I feel totally clueless, keep asking myself a thousand questions, who I am, what I want, where do I go... He is there.

Are you good to yourself when it comes to your looks?
I am well and very much in love - it helps. Andres is a handsome, friendly and also very easy going. I absolutely do not realize that I will be 44. I take care of myself but I can assure you that I have never had plastic surgery!

Is there something you miss in life?
Yes, but I do not know what. If it was a child, I would tell you ... Sometimes I just feel like running out of air. I miss something, obviously, but what exactly?

FULL interview in French:

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kylie Minogue To Support Cannes Aids Gala 2012

Our little peep is such an awesome person! :)

Alec Baldwin, Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson are to support a gala dinner and auction at the Cannes Film Festival to raise money for Aids research.
The annual event, held by the American Foundation for Aids Research (Amfar), was passionately supported by the late actress Elizabeth Taylor.
Baldwin, who stars in the hit comedy 30 Rock, is among the celebrity "co-chairs" for the night on 24 May.
Amfar has raised more then $70m (£44m) since launching in Cannes in 1993. The non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting Aids research and HIV prevention and education.

Other co-chairs at the Cinema Against Aids event will include The Artist's Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius and leading lady Berenice Bejo. Actress Milla Jovovich, designer Karl Lagerfeld, film producer Harvey Weinstein and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai will also take part.
Stars will be expected to dig deep during a live auction and runway show.
Five years ago, Kylie Minogue performed some of her hit singles at the event alongside actress Sharon Stone.

Kylie said, "This is another great opportunity for me to support amfAR, an organisation whose work is so very important. I’m excited be one of the co-chairs at this event alongside some amazing personalities. Cannes, here we come!"

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Roger Federer Claims Madrid Title&Aims For A #1 Ranking!

So, this is especially for Maestro's fans! (but also a proof for those who tried to bury his career for 3 years now! :P )

Roger Federer hit back from losing the first set to claim his third Madrid Masters title courtesy of a 3-6 7-5 7-5 win over Tomas Berdych at the Magic Box Arena.
Federer is the first man to win a tournament on the controversial surface and joins Nadal on 20 gongs in the overall list of winners of Masters titles.
"Congratulations to Tomas. I'm sure me and Tomas will play each other many more times," said Federer. "Thanks to everyone who made this event so special for us. I'm really looking forward to coming back next year It feels amazing," Federer told spectators sweltering in the Madrid heat inside the Manolo Santana show court as his wife and twin daughters looked on.

 Switzerland's Federer overtakes Rafael Nadal in the world rankings. He is up to 2nd spot with Nadal dropping to 3rd. Novak Djokovic remains top of the rankings despite his 7-6 6-3 defeat to fellow Serb Janko Tipsarevic in the quarter-finals. A buoyant Federer told a news conference that would be "absolutely amazing".
"Back then I was just trying to stay world number one and I never really looked at Pete's record that much," he said. I guess I could have chased it a few years ago, just really trying to beat that record," added the 16-times grand slam singles champion.
"It's no secret for any player out there that you'd rather be number one than number two.
But I look at the long term, maybe if I wasn't good enough to break that record then maybe I never will be."

He has played some of his best tennis in years in winning his four titles this year, including the Indian Wells Masters, and will bid for a second French Open crown in Paris starting later this month after his triumph in 2009, which was also the year he last won in Madrid.
"I don't need to beat every record Pete set, he's my idol after all and I'm just happy I'm that close already," Federer said.
"But it's exciting times ahead for me. Winning so many tournaments and playing so well obviously I do believe I can win the grand slams.
But I know the difficulty of the French Open and the focus will be a lot on Novak because he's going for four in a row and on Rafa because he's the defending champion. It's going to be an exciting tournament."

Way to go, Champion!!!! :))

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Peep Kylie Went Out Last Night...

 ... to a little peep show with her new music video director ;)
What will THAT video be about now I wonder! ;D

Your thoughts?

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