Friday, November 30, 2012

Kylie Minogue - The Ultimate Collection (Download)

Heath Castor (@HeathCastor) from the Let The DJ Shake You blog has created the amazing collection of Kylie Minogue's songs - The Ultimate Collection (K25 Anniversary Edition).

Here's the story behind it from Heath:
"In 2009 I created a collection for Kylie Minogue that included all of her singles in chronological order. I did all the remixing and editing to make it a little more fun and it was good. Here we are celebrating Kylie's 25th anniversary in the recording industry and I thought "Why not revist and revamp that collection to include everything from 1987 through to today?" So, I did just that. Lots of new mixes used this time around (they're denoted by *) and, of course, all of the singles from 2009 to 2012 have also been included"

There are also some bonus tracks ;)

I Should Be So Lucky (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
Got To Be Certain (HDC Extra Beat Boys Radio Mix)*
The Loco-Motion (HDC 7" Master)*
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (HDC Revolutionary Radio Mix)*
Especially For You (with Jason Donovan) (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
It's No Secret (HDC Alternative Radio Mix)*
Made In Heaven (HDC Made In England Radio Mix)*
Turn It Into Love (HDC Hit Factory Radio Mix)*
Hand On Your Heart (HDC WIP 2012 Radio Mix)*
Wouldn't Change A Thing (HDC Your Thang Radio Mix)*
Never Too Late (HDC Oz Tour Radio Mix)*
Nothing To Lose (HDC Radio Remix)
Tears On My Pillow (HDC 7" Remix)*
Better The Devil You Know (HDC Mad March Hare Radio Mix)*
Step Back In Time (HDC Walkin' Rhythm Radio Mix)*
The World Still Turns (HDC Radio Remix)
What Do I Have To Do? (HDC Pumpin' Radio Mix)*
Shocked (HDC Kybernetic Hybrid Radio Mix)

Word Is Out (HDC Summer Breeze Radio Mix)*
If You Were With Me Now (with Keith Washington) (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
Keep On Pimpin' It (with The Visionmasters & Tony King) (HDC Astral Flight Radio Mix)*
Give Me Just A Little More Time (HDC 7" Radio Mix)*
Finer Feelings (HDC Brothers In Rhythm Radio Mix)*
What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) (HDC Logic Abandoned Radio Mix)
Celebration (HDC AKA Good Times Radio Mix)*
Nothing Can Stop Us (7" Version)
Confide In Me (HDC Absolution Radio Mix)
Put Yourself In My Place (HDC Radio Mix)*
Where Is The Feeling? (HDC Brothers In Rhythm Radio Mix)
Some Kind Of Bliss (HDC Blissful Radio Re-Mix)
Did It Again (HDC Mixed It Again And Again Radio Mix)
Breathe (HDC TNT Rework Radio Mix)*
Cowboy Style (HDC Steve Anderson Radio Mix)*
GBI (German Bold Italic) (with Towa Tei) (HDC VS Sharp Boys Radio Mix)*
Too Far (HDC Junior Vasquez Radio Mix)*
Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) (HDC Haunted Waltz Radio Mix)
Dancing Queen (HDC Turned Up The Tease Radio Mix)*
The Reflex (with Ben Lee) (HDC Lonely Child Radio Mix)
In Denial (with Pet Shop Boys) (HDC Fantasy World Radio Mix)

Butterfly (HDC Sandstorm Rework Radio Mix)*
The Real Thing (HDC Meaning Isn't Clear Radio Mix)
Spinning Around (HDC Radio Re-Mix)*
On A Night Like This (HDC Bini & Martini Radio Re-Mix)*
Kids (with Robbie Williams) (HDC Bubblicious Radio Mix - No Rap)*
Please Stay (HDC Metro Radio Mix)*
Your Disco Needs You (HDC Almighty Casino Radio Mix)*
Light Years (HDC D-Bop Radio Mix)
Bury Me Deep In Love (with Jimmy Little) (HDC AC Radio Mix)*
G-House Project (with Gerling) (HDC Forever Radio Mix)
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (HDC Greg Kurstin Radio Mix)*
In Your Eyes (HDC Steve Anderson Radio Mix)*
Love At First Sight (HDC Twin Master Plan Rework Radio Mix)*
Fever (HDC Contagious Vibe Radio Mix)
No Better (HDC Intoxicated Radio Mix)
Come Into My World (HDC Parkside Radio Mix)*
Slow (HDC Chemical Radio Remake)
Secret (Take You Home) (HDC VS Project K Radio Mix)
Red Blooded Woman (HDC Crazy Signs Radio Re-Mix)
Chocolate (HDC EMO Radio Mix)*
I Believe In You (HDC Club Junkies Radio Mix)*

Giving Your Up (HDC Alter Ego Rework Radio Mix)*
Sometime Samurai (with Towa Tei) (HDC X2008 Radio Mix)
Over The Rainbow (Single Version)
White Diamond (Ballad Version)
2 Hearts (HDC Kish Mauve Radio Mix)*
In My Arms (HDC Alternate Radio Mix)*
Wow (HDC Radio Re-Mix)*
All I See (HDC U.S. Radio Mix - No Rap)*
The One (HDC Freemasons Radio Mix)*
Boombox (HDC LA Riots Radio Mix)*
Ruffle My Feathers (HDC Britrocka Radio Mix)
All The Lovers (HDC WaWa & MMB Radio Mix)*
Get Outta My Way (HDC 7th Heaven Radio Mix)*
Better Than Today (HDC StarLab Radio Mix)*
Let It Snow (HDC Sleigh Ride Radio Mix)*
Higher (with Taio Cruz and Travie McCoy) (HDC Jody den Broeder Radio Mix)*
Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) (HDC Bimbo Jones Radio Mix)*
Timebomb (HDC Steven Redant & Phil Romano Radio Mix)*
Flower (HDC Radio Remix)*

The Smiley Kylie Megamix (HDC 2011 Club Edit)*
The Indie Kylie Megamix (HDC 2012 Club Edit)*
The Disco Kylie Megamix (HDC 2012 Club Edit)*

Heath split the collection into what would traditionally be physical compact disc style tracklists: FIVE .zip files, 82 320kbps mp3 files, almost five and a half hours of music.

Special thank you to Heath for all the hard work and time to make the celebration even more sweeter!
To support Kylie, please buy the official products! ;)


xo K

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