Sunday, November 25, 2012

Slow - November K25 - Kylie Minogue Surprises Again!

It's been a very eventful year for fans and Kylie herself!

This month is not an exception: after traveling to the US to perform on Dancing With The Stars and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then rocking the Strictly Come Dancing show with re-united Girls Aloud, and pleasing the Royalty at the Royal Variety, filming the Christmas Special with Rod Stewart, - at the end of the month, exactly on 25th, yet we still get another surprise from the Showgirl.

This month it "began to snow" a couple days before today's "snowfall", as page was cheering us up with the winter scene, letting us "play with the snow" by moving the cursor - the snow was "following" it:

Everyone had to tweet #KylieSlow and 10.000 tweet were going to "unlock" a new video-surprise.

It all started just in time with the picture unblurring as tweets were coming in:

Meanwhile, #KylieSlow became a #1 UK Trending Topic on Twitter in just minutes and help up for quite some time. It also hit the #2 spot in WW trends:

In just 30 minutes (which might be the fastest "Tweet To Unlock" to date), the Slow rehearsal for BBC Proms video was UNLOCKED! Kylie was impressed as well ;)

And all this time, Kylie  was 'watching' us in the process ;)


xo K

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