Thursday, December 13, 2012

New York City's Secret Waterfalls And Parks (Manhattan)

* 48th STREET & 1st AVE 
The garden features benches, towering trees, lush plants and lots of water features, like the stepped waterfall. Around the corner you can find a bubbly fountain and another rushing waterfall. 

*51st STREET between 2nd & 3rd AVE 
With a 25-foot-high waterfall cascading over the rear wall, skillfully landscaped trees and plantings, an outdoor cafe, and shady arbors, the park was designed to make the most of its small size. It is built in 1971 by the GreenAcre Foundation.

* 46th STREET & 2nd AVE
This quiet little park features a picturesque fountain with freestanding chairs that you can scoot up to the edge.

* 47th STREET & 2nd AVE 
The largest waterfall in the series, featuring wrought iron seating and a flower garden.

* 47th STREET between 1st & 2nd AVE
Downstairs you'll find a stone bridge, pond, and benches under overarching tree branches. Across the street, fountains, gardens and benches decorate the park.

* 43rd STREET & 2nd AVE
The Ford Foundation’s indoor garden. The path ends at a babbling stream and wishing pond

* 42nd STREET between 1st & 2nd AVE
Tudor City Greens has two landmarked parks. They offer a plenty of comfortable benches, gravel paths wind through trees and flower beds.


* 40th STREET & 3rd AVE
Atop you can find a rooftop garden

* 48th STREET between 6th & 7th AVE
This midtown waterfall features a glass tunnel you can walk through.

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