Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goddess Magazine - Exclusive K25 Edition

Our friends at Kylie Unlimited have been working on a very special project to once again commemorate the amazing year in Kylie Minogue's career, K25 - The Goddess Magazine. It has been a year full of surprises, events, meetings, releases, competitions, rewards, shows, videos and other exciting things Kylie and Team presented to us through this twelve-month journey together, and this exclusive one-off K25 edition of the magazine is the way to take a look at some of the highlights.
The magazine features the EXCLUSIVE Simon Sheridan interview, the author of the "Complete Kylie" book, The Abbey Road Sessions review, and Moniguescope, it also will take you back to 2000 and the catchy Please Stay and some other things.

Jemma, Kylie Unlimited admin, shared the "behind the scenes" story with me:
"I started writing the magazine around the half way point of K25, so roughly - June. I initially came up with the idea after viewing some old Kylie fan club “fanzines”and thinking that it would be a really interesting way of celebrating some of the events that have made this year so special".

It took almost 6 month to finish the project and of course, it could not have been done without any kind of support: "Producing the magazine wasn't "easy" but it's been rewarding. Although I have to admit that if it weren't for some very supportive friends from the "Kylie world" such as Iryna (LiveLearnShineOn), Deyse (KylieBrasil) and Laeti (KylieWorld), I probably would have given up a few months back".

We would be happy to be able to create a limited physical run of this Magazine you but this can only happen if enough people are interested in purchasing one. These physical versions would be medium size (209.903 x 296.686 mm) and will cost around £5.9 each.


Because of the high interest in purchasing physical copies of the magazine, it is now AVAILABLE to ORDER HERE! :)

Thank you all for your constant support!
Hope you enjoyed the surprised!
Huge "thank you" to Kylie Minogue for being our inspiration throughout the years! x

xo K


  1. WOW!!!!! WELL DONE - this must have been really hard work !

  2. Fantastic. I have pre-ordered my copy. Looking forward to receiving it. Xx