Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kylie's Anti Tour Hits UK!

It takes a special kind of artist to get this sort of crowd reacting to a set list of B Tracks, demos and rarities! (R.Age, The Star mag )

So, we are all very happy that April Fools day and Anti Tour on the same day was not a prank ;) and Kylie's already in Manchester getting ready to wow the crowd of Super Fans tonight with her spectacular and breathtaking show!

Peeps are excited as well as Kylie, who was warmly welcomed by Lovers by the stage door (<- video) :)

(Kylie's arriving Show #2 2.04.2012)                                            (Kylie's arriving Show #1 1.04.2012 ;) )

3.04.2012 Kylie and Andres, as well as her team are on their way to rock LONDON!! (Lovebirds :D)

People queuing :)

(Thanks to James Swinburne ‏aka @jjswin)

Lovers are updating us with some Anti Tour merchandise in Manchester!!

(oooooooh, I want those t-shirts badly!!! <:))

Anti Tour Manchester Show #1 is running 25 minutes late. Well, we know Kylie can be late, but only fashionably ;)
SHOW #1 outfit:

SHOW #2 outfit: Vintage Junior Gaultier :)

SHOW #2 outfit in action ;)

Kylie: "wearing vintage Pam Hogg hat & vintage Sigue Sigue Sputnik top tonight!!! #AntiTour LONDON Big thx 2 Stephen at his shop Rellik"

As for the SET LIST SHOW #1: Acapella versions of What Kind of Fool, (EVERYTHING) I KNOW, Finer Feelings, Tell Tale Signs were heard & IT'S NO SECRET, TOO MUCH. Thats why they write love songs replaced with DO IT AGAIN. Otherwise sounds like it's the same as the Aussie shows, started with MAGNETIC ELECTRIC and Made In Heaven, DISCO DOWN, CHERRY BOMB (with some super special communication with fans at the beginning!!!), TEARS ON MY PILLOW, OVER DREAMING (OVER YOU)&ALWAYS FIND THE TIME, PAPER DOLLS, STARS, BITTERSWEET GOODBYE, SAY HEY, DRUNK, TEARS ON MY PILLOW & ending with GOT TO BE CERTAIN and ENJOY YOURSELF.

And a video put together by Mediamaffia from Say Hey ANTI TOUR MANCHESTER 1ST NIGHT! Thank you!!

SHOW #2: ONE BOY GIRL!!! Kylie did One Boy Girl!!! It's just amazing!!

LONDON: Kylie sang GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME, IT'S NO SECRET, a snippet of Turn It Into Love, The One and the whole ONE BOY GIRL again! ALWAYS FIND THE TIME with some cool early 90's moves :D YOU'RE THE ONE, CHERRY BOMB, TIGHTROPE, STARS, PAPER DOOLS. DRUNK, TEARS ON MY PILLOW.
P.S. Pete Waterman is in the building! As well as Will Young and some other celebrities :)
Miles Lehmann put a 52 minute ANTI TOUR LONDON video together from his footage - enjoy&thank you, Miles!

(Big thank you to PixelPeter from Say Hey :))

Kylie's Say Hey/Drunk super laser show :))

(Thanks Dan!! :))

Dianne updates us on what's going on - quite sure Kylie's being very funny at the moment :D

Disco ball LONDON SHOW:

And the FINALE!! :))

Peeps are happy, glitter is all over :D
Mouldy ‏ @_mouldy_
It was an honour and a privilege @kylieminogue ❤❤❤ xxx #antitour
Ellie ♡ ‏ @EllieCrawford95
Omg what an amazing show! #antitour. #k25. Thankyou so much @kylieminogue for finer feeling ! X
Carlos ‏ @spanishdude01
Best show ever #AntiTour @kylieminogue thank u so much!! X
leigh jeffrey walker ‏ @leighj79
@kylieminogue #antitour was amazinggggg!!!!!
Gay Best Friend ‏ @dearGBF
SO much love in the room for the incredible @kylieminogue and her FABULOUS #AntiTour
A.S Lloyd ‏ @aslloyd44
@kylieminogue one word AMAZING!!!! #AntiTour
Andrew Lloyd ‏ @andyplloyd
@kylieminogue thank you for 25 years and one amazing night #AntiTour
Andrew McNaughton ‏ @mcnaugha
@kylieminogue Thank you for an amazing show. Best ever. #AntiTour
gary cooney ‏ @fanofthetan
Finer feelings #AntiTour best Kylie Show in a long time
Matthew Walton ‏ @MattW1984
So many impromptu bonus songs/bits of songs! Excellent night at the #AntiTour, thanks @kylieminogue!
Matt Leighton ‏ @mattupnorth
OMG @kylieminogue you are amazing!! Thank you for a fabulous evening! Absolutely loved it! #AntiTour

Aaaaaand Kylie's with us! Our little "happy bunny" <:)

And a little story-treat from EthanS from Say Hey about the experience of sitting next to Andres during the Manchester show ;)
"At first I wasn't sure if it was him until my friend had the balls to grab his arm and say "are you Kylie's boyfriend?" to which he smiled and said "yes indeed"! My friend then said you must be so proud of her to which he replied "absolutely, just look at her" which I thought was so sweet :-D Made us chuckle when the keyboard player (cannot remember his name) gave her a kiss on the cheek he pointed out and said "Oi you hands off my woman" :-) He is quite a charming and polite (and incredibly gorgeous) man, as she was taking a bow and thanking the audience at the end he thanked us for being there and then ran off stage to meet her! She was absolutely amazing as always and to see here in front, Andres sat next to us and Terry/William and Steve further down on the balcony made the whole night even more special!"

For full Anti Tour videos please visit Kylie In Melbourne and Kylie In Sydney ;)

I'd like to thank all the Lovers sharing their experience, pictures, videos and emotions to make this blog post possible! Your time and effort is very much appreciated by thousands - just so you know it! :) THANK YOU!
xo K


  1. r u in manchester??

  2. That shirt with her leg on the vynil....that is defunutely the first merch t-shirt that I actually like... I need one!!

    Thanks for the report. If we could only get her back in south america... one can only dream.

  3. Great night, Fab time, wished i was there again "monday" i finaly got sleep at 3.20am and up for work 6am... and my head was still singing away, and been that way all day ! Love you Kylie, From John Bond, 'sayhey lightyears.'

  4. Thank you all for your comments!! :)

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    Кайли молодец. Ириночка тоже умница. Репортаж супер! :)
    P.S. Простите что на русском. Google переводчику не доверяю. :)