Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Save The Cougar Town!

I've been a huge fan of Friends series and to be honest I think I lost track of how many times I've watched all 10 seasons... so all 6 "friends" have become the "persons of interest" for me, cause they all are amazing actors, so natural and always hilarious. I'm always there to watch a new movie starring Jennifer Aniston (yes, a new one is coming out very soon by the way!), to cheer for Matt LeBlanc receiving his Golden Globe award earlier this year, and to be excited about next episode of the great "Cougar Town" starring Courteney Cox&team! So I don't think there's a need to say I was beyond disappointed to find out that 1. Season 3 was shortened to 15 episodes and 2. it was in jeopardy of cancellation of the next season.
So coming across this article made my heart beat even faster, cause these true fans are awesome!

"The critically acclaimed sitcom, Cougar Town, hasn't been treated very fairly. It's ratings were steady with loyal fans. ABC put in on hiatus during season 2 to allow other shows to debut and then waited nine months before airing season 3 with a new and very incompatible time slot.
Creators, Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel kept fans engaged over the long hiatus by placing Cougar Town stars in the background of other shows during the Fall so fans could kind of play a version of "Where's Waldo?"  In November, when ABC announced that not only would season 3 be delayed even more, but that the season was now to be shortened from 22 to 15 episodes, Lawrence and Biegel got even more creative. They held viewing parties at bars around the country for their loyal fans. Within minutes tickets for these viewing parties were gone and bars filled up with fans meeting Cougar Town stars and writers watching unaired episodes with free drinks.
In January, it was finally announced that Cougar Town was to return on Tuesday, February 14th at 8:30pm. Fans were skeptical because not many stay home on Valentine's Day to watch TV. Aside from that, it would air behind Last Man Standing- the Tim Allen sitcom with a much different demographic. Cougar Town was also to be up against NCIS, one of the highest rated shows on TV, and Glee. Perhaps this time slot would not have been so bad if Cougar Town hadn't been off for nearly a year so it wouldn't have that "out of sight out of mind" aspect for the casual viewer/ nielsen families working against it. But fans were so ecstatic to finally have their show back, that they just started counting down the days anyway.
Ratings for season 3 have been less than stellar. ABC has practically stopped promoting the show and they kept it off for two weeks to air a Dancing with the Stars recap know, in case fans forgot what they had just seen the night before. ABC owns Cougar Town and would financially benefit from it's success so it's bias against it doesn't quite make sense.
Devoted fans have now taken it amongst themselves to promote Cougar Town and convince ABC to keep it on the air. Fans from all over have come together on twitter and through donations have gathered over 3500 wine corks that are on their way to ABC along with notes from fans about why Cougar Town should be saved. Fans in the New York area even paid a visit to Good Morning America on Friday, April 6th to stand in the audience with "Watch Cougar Town" signs. They successfully got on TV and promoted Cougar Town more than ABC. Fans have also sent constant emails to the network and have also been trying to get the support of sponsors by tweeting them during commercial breaks and purchasing their products while thanking them for supporting Cougar Town.
Cougar Town is a heart-warming, hilarious comedy that is kind of a combination of the hit shows Scrubs and Friends. The sitcom, starring Courteney Cox, is NOT about cougars, neither the animal or older women chasing younger men. It is a show about adult friendship and drinking wine and playing silly games. It is unique and severly underrated. The creators, stars, and writers have made themselves available to fans on twitter giving them extra content and personal responses. Unlike most other TV shows, they truly care. This amazing show, the devoted fans, and the wonderful people behind it deserve to be rewarded with a fourth season."

Well done, peeps!

xo K

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