Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kylie Anti Tour Comes To Sydney!

Hello peeps!!
The Evolution Of The Anti Tour T-Shirt ;)
The opening was in Melbourne & now it's Sydney time!!! :)) are you ready? I mean ARE YOU READY?? The Kylie Minogue Anti Tour treat is coming your way!

Kylie's on her way! :)

To get here:

Took some pictures with the Harbour Bridge at the background

And then was welcomed with flowers from Pete, James and Dean :)

And here's the first picture of the Sydney ticket-bracelets :) & #AntiTour power!

The building is packed already and Seany is taking care of the little things that matter ;)
And Princess takes over the stage!!!


The Setlist: same as Melbourne with little bits of:

FULL WORD IS OUT (2nd show Kylie got lyrics! :D)
Step Back In Time &
Glad To Be Alive !! :))

Also we got FULL versions of:
And YOU'RE THE ONE close-up

And a very good Anti Tour video HIGHLIGHTS including Cherry Bomb!
For many more FULL Anti Tour videos&shoe footages please visit Kylie #AntiTour Melbourne!

Moe ‏@moe_elrifai:
#AntiTour totally rocking it @kylieminogue

Luke Sinclair ‏ @lukesinclair:
You are looking amazing tonight @kylieminogue !! Loving the #AntiTour! #k25

Montarna McDonald ‏ @IntersectionPad:
Kylie Anti Tour - BEYOND !!!!

adam ‏ @Adyomo:
#antitour @kylieminogue #amazeballs

JYKW ‏ @HonkyYonky:
#antitour whoot whoot totally awesome <3

ZoĆ« Condon ‏ @Princess_Zo:
I think I just died. No really. Someone check I'm still alive. Mind officially blown. #AntiTour

Adam ‏ @AW79:
The #AntiTour was a dream come true! So many of my favourite @kylieminogue songs which I never thought I'd get to hear live. Thanks Kylie!

And yes, the #AntiTour was my favourite @kylieminogue performance ever! I've never seen her sing and move with that much passion before.

Sanity Entertainment ‏ @sanityonline:
such a unique concert idea - thank you @kylieminogue the #AntiTour was fabulous :)

Riccardo Raiti ‏ @RicoSalvatore:
Miss @kylieminogue that was "too much" #AntiTour

Jodi :) ‏ @Jodestarxx:
I think I left my voice at the #AntiTourSydney!+lost 5 kgs haha one word flawless @kylieminogue you've done it again good luck with round 2

First Sydney show is officially over, but! One more time Kylie will rock the building in just 1hr30min!!! ;)

She did it again!! And everybody's happy after the show:

xo K

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