Sunday, March 25, 2012

#K25 March Surprise - I Don't Need Anyone!

This was many peeps' guess - the March #K25 surprise is I Don't Need Anyone rehearsal footage!!!

After 12 minutes trying to get through to Kylie and the team that Tweet To Unlock is not working we finally got it and started to work :) Almost all of us agreed to "hashtag" the names of the songs and we had no idea if that's what we needed to do until at 7.12 p.m. UK time the page started to work :)
At first many of the tweeps were tweeting many different guesses, but that didn't last long, cause just in a little while we figured it was I Don't Need Anyone and started spreading the word! ;)
After 30 minutes tweeting we made it into the Worldwide trends for the first time tonight "debuting" at #4 ;) But just in 6 minutes we made it all the way to the top and are still remaining there as I blog :D (already 30 minutes!) We also made it to the top of the UK trend ;)

For some reason Kylie wasn't with us tonight, but that didn't make us stop, cause I guess we all were very excited about the exclusive rehearsal footage Kylie team had for us :)

Anyway, new records broken tonight! The #IDontNeedAnyone was trending #2 in USA&San Francisco and #1 in New York&Los Angeles!!

It also was #1 trending topic in Canada!

And Kylie came back to tell us how amazing we were ;)

Anyway, it was fun and video looks very energetic and full of excitement, so I'm off to watch it again! ;)

xo K


  1. Awesome! The name of the song helped a lot in making random people use it for whatever, cool effect ;)

    1. worked for us! #1 in TT WW for more than 30 minutes!! :D