Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fans' Top 12: Anti Tour Wishlist!

Everyone is getting very excited about Kylie's Anti Tour which actually starts with the Sunday March 18th 2012 show, in The Palace, in Kylie's native city - Melbourne, Australia!  Since it is all about rarities/b-sides and unreleased tracks, Lovers can't even describe how much they're looking forward to hearing those tracks, because so many of them have been fans' favorite songs for many years and it seems unreal that we are going to hear at least a little part of them LIVE and at the same show!! (yes, I did say a "little part", because there are super many of those since it's been 25 years! ;) )                                                                            The list of most b-sides and unreleased tracks you can find here                                                                                                                                                                                       Meanwhile, since I got tired of celebrating International Women's Day for two days in a row and decided to have a day to myself, it was a great opportunity to make a little survey for everyone to pick FANS' MOST WANTED songs for the Anti Tour!

The following Wish-list is the result of posts/replies to my Twitter and the most active Kylie forum and "Kylie family" for me and many others - (people from different countries on continents around the world!). I tried to be very accurate counting points for each song, which took some time :P but I LOVE what I see!! People were not given particular choices and were asked to pick their Top 10 and vote for songs they knew/heard and considered to be b-sides/demos/rarities. Each song in fan's Top 10 got 1 vote.

As I mentioned before, there are too many songs to pick from and we've no idea how hard it is for "Kylie Team" to do it - thus, there are 31 songs that made this Top 12 :)
We do hope Kylie and Steve Anderson will see our favorites ;)

#1 is shared by TIGHTROPE (Fever era)
                and  DISCO DOWN (Light Years era) with 26 votes each

#2 is shared by PAPER DOLLS (Light Years era)
                 and LOSE CONTROL (X era) with 20 votes each

#3 is YOU'RE THE ONE (Impossible Princess era) with 19 votes

#4 is shared by JUMP (Impossible Princess era)
                 and  EXTRAORDINARY DAY (X era) with 18 votes each

#5 is shared by OCEAN BLUE (Light Years era)
                 and  MADE OF GLASS (Ultimate Kylie era) each receiving 17 votes

#6 is shared: by LOVE TAKES OVER ME (Impossible Princess era)
                 and  LOVING DAYS (Body Language era) - 16 votes each  
#7   HEARTSTRINGS (Aphrodite era),
                 and MADE IN HEAVEN (Kylie 1988 era) both got 15 votes

#8   CHERRY BOMB (X era)
                 and  FLOWER (X era) each got 14 votes

#9 is shared by I'M OVER DREAMING (OVER YOU) (PWL Enjoy Yourself era)
                 and  TRIPPIN' ME UP (Body Language era): both received 13 votes

#10   LOVING YOU (Ultimate Kylie era)
                 and  MIGHTY RIVERS (Aphrodite era) share the same spot with 12 votes each
         as well as TAKE ME WITH YOU (Impossible Princess era, Hits+ 2000 release)
                 and ALONE AGAIN (Fever era) receiving 12 votes each

#11 is shared by 8 songs each voted 11 times for:
          TURN IT INTO LOVE (PWL Kylie 1988 era),
          IT'S NO SECRET (PWL Kylie 1988 era)
...  STARS (X era)
      ... WORD IS OUT (PWL Let's Get To It era)
    and WHERE IS THE FEELING (KM 1994 era)
      ... LOVE AFFAIR (Fever era)
    and (EVERYTHING) I KNOW (X era) 

#12 is shared by TEARS (Impossible Princess era)
                 and DANGEROUS GAME (KM 1994 era) both receiving 10 votes

Many other GREAT songs received same amount of votes and came close to making it to the Top12, they include:
Fragile, Look My Way, Enjoy Yourself, Your Love, Dreams, Did It Again, Finer Feelings, Slo Motion, Fall For You, Automatic Love, Surrender - all received 9 votes;
White Diamond, Ruffle My Feathers, In The Mood For Love, Right Here Right Now, Spell Of Desire, BPM, Change Your Mind, We Know The Meaning Of Love, Soul On Fire, One Boy Girl, Nothing Can't Stop Us, You Are Here, This Girl and Breathe receiving 7&8 votes each, etc.

Thanks to everyone for participating (some of you without knowing ;) )!!!

Have an AWESOME time at the concert and have fun for all of us!! ;)

xo K


  1. This is brilliant what you did with this list. I loved seeing how close it all is, so really we can expect any b side or demo's/album tracks. My favorite of them all are Flower, Cherry Bomb, Everything I Know & Loving You.

    Well Just thought I would share my thoughts 'Paper Doll', and sending Love from the other side of the 'Ocean Blue' :)

    Mikey aka Bashman

    1. Hey Mikey!
      Thank you for you comment!!
      I'm really glad so many people enjoyed what I've done, so I guess the mission was complete! ;)

  2. Woot Woot ! If you ever consider adding a forum to this blog (am not sure how to do this) I think it has potential to kick ass ! Look no further for a helping a moderator right here :)

    Keep doing what your doing babes...and if I have any scoops in Kylie news, I will let you know. A pity that you couldn't see my TV interview re: Kylie's Biggest Sydney Fan :)
    It was a hoot to say the least baby !

    Loves ya work,
    Mikey xoxo

    1. I've got to see that!! :))
      P.s. Forum would be a good idea, but I've no idea how to do it/whether it's even possible...
      As for the Kylie news - thanks a lot&maybe you could give me some exclusives for my anti-tour article when you come back! ;))
      Have an awesome time!!! :)
      xo K