Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kylie And Jason To Reunite On TV Special?!

Just few weeks ago many Kylie Minogue's fans (and Jason Donovan's too!) were very upset and disappointed when the Hit Factory Live concert was cancelled right before its scheduled date, July 11th, 2012. Since then they have been talking about Kylie's love and care for fans and how she and her team would come up with something to make this reunion possible for those who waited for 23 years for it to happen. And it looks like after all it IS going to happen for all of us to witness, some time soon!

First chance, the rumor has it, there will be the ITV1 special which will celebrate Kylie’s 25-year music career will be shown Live Christmas night at 7p.m. on ITV (and repeated at 11p.m. on New Year's Eve on ITV2).

*Update July 31st*:

Today rumors began about Kylie and Jason reunion for Christmas, after Pete Waterman confirmed the rescheduling of the Hit Factory for late December this year:

"We are going to do it again at Christmas. We are going to do two nights at the 02 or at least one night, we've just got to confirm one artist who is due to go home for Christmas, I'll give you a clue there. I just have to convince that artist to stay here until at least Christmas Eve and we can do it all the way we want to."
(For more information, follow the --> link <--)

*Update October*:

Hit Factory Live IS happening on December 21st - O2 London - get ready! :)
(Video, pictures and more from the epic night --> HERE!)

When asked if Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan would be performing their 1988 duet, Especially For You, live at the event, Pete said:
“Everybody’s on the bill that would have been on the bill at Hyde Park. As ever, I can’t give away too many secrets. The thing with all these things is, you have to wait and see!”

Kylie answering DigitalSpy question about the gig:
"Possibly, yeah. I can't commit to it as I've got a lot going on. But if they're doing the show and if I'm around then I'd love to be a part of it. God, there's getting to be so much pressure on that one song!"
Kylie on Yahoo Omg UK:
"You know what, I feel like I have to do this. People are getting more and more desperate. They're like 'please, for the love of God can you just do it because we need it out of our system'...
So I hope it happens. That's a really long way around of not answering a question. I hope it happens. I just can't say it's a yes at the moment."

Tickets go on sale on Friday (October 19) at 9am from &

Will Kylie appear as a guest? We'll see, but according to a source, the duet is happening some time this year! ;) 

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