Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kylie USA Promo: Chelsea Lately (Part II)

I must say I really loved the interview by Chelsea: short, but this is how it's done; informative, could've been more, but not enough time. Chelsea presented Kylie as a Grammy award winning artist, who celebrates 25 years in music industry (got really loud applaud in the studio for that), she did a good research on who Kylie was and what she does, because even Kylie's latest movie came up, Holy Motors (studio was very pleased again!), Kylie was called a "Tour Addict", which also shows that Chelsea knows what she's doing! ;) 

Very fun, relaxed and definitely interesting one, thanks to Chelsea for pushing The Best Of release TWICE! Good job girl! And Kylie, you looked absolutely stunning! :)

TV Schedule: (filmed in LA) Wednesday, June 20th E! Channel 196 11p.m.&12.30a.m.;
UK on Virgin Media Ch 156 on THU, June 21st midnight

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xo K

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