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Kylie (In) The Music Box (Perfumes by Kylie Minogue Part III)

#K25 year has been very special for the fans - surprises, surprises coming from every direction and this is not an exception! One of the "Anniversary" surprises is the Music Box - that is Kylie's 11th fragrance to date! :)
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Music Box features top notes of Mara des Bois strawberry, raspberry and bergamot; heart notes of orange blossom, rose and freesia; and base notes of sandalwood, amber and white musk.
The fragrance will be available as eau de parfum 30ml from July.

Kylie’s confidence

2012 is a very special year for you! How are you celebrating?
After 25 years in the music industry I really wanted to celebrate and to thank my fans for all their loyalty and support. K25 means so much to me and so far it’s been a year full of surprises and there will be a lot more coming up! As part of this special anniversary, I wanted to create a special fragrance for my fans to mark this event, which is how I came up with Music Box.

You have recorded some of your iconic songs this year at Abbey Road in a very classical, acoustic way. Did this new turn in music inspire you to create Music Box?
Music is always an inspiration to me so this fragrance is a beautiful way to represent this. Recording my hits in a new way at Abbey Road was such a rewarding experience. I hope fans will love these fresh interpretations. Music Box is a new twist on a classic, just like these recordings. And like the recordings, I want it to bring beautiful memories and conjure up delicious dreams. The bottle shape of Music Box is really fun and never seen before!

Where do you find all your inspiration?
I remember having a music box as a little girl and I was completely entranced by its magical quality. I was just really inspired by the way it used to make me feel. It was like a box of promise.

For which kind of woman did you create Music Box?
Music Box is for women like me. Women who like to dream, to dare and to feel feminine

For which kind of woman did you create Music Box?
Unexpected, fun and sophisticated.

In 25 years of songs and music, is there one song that stands out above the rest and of which you are particularly proud and fond of?
It’s impossible to choose one favourite song. They all represent different times and emotions in my life. I am always asked this question and am never able to give the answer. It becomes even more difficult having just recorded new interpretations of many of them. It’s like breathing a new life into them or dressing them in new clothes. Their essence is the same but their presentation makes me appreciate them in a new way.

K25 also represents 25 years of your now famously exciting shows and dazzling costumes, as well as many years of working with William Baker who also photographed on the Music Box print ad. What was you inspiration behind this ad?
Our inspiration was glamour, elegance and fun. Instead of the classic ballerina, our Music Box girl is a modern twist on a classic look, cabaret.

What was it like working with William on the shoot?
We always have fun shooting, even when it’s difficult or challenging. We love that. And we were so excited to bring this campaign to life.

25 years in the music is a huge milestone. What’s your secret to such a long lasting career and the fact that your music remained so popular?
I can’t tell you the secret as I don’t know it! But I do know that I’ve learnt so many lessons along the way and I continue to learn aspects of my craft all the time. I still feel inspired and challenged and that is what keeps me going.'s%20confidence.pdf

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