Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kylie At The Brits 2012!

Looking absolutely STUNNING in her turquoise dress!!!

P.S. Kylie is presenting Best British Female at tonight's show ;)
Just did! ;) And the winner is Adele: "You look stunning! I look like a drag queen next to you!" - she's so sweet :D
UPDATE: Sounds like we are getting a tour or at least few concerts this year to celebrate #K25!!! Confirmed by Kylie at Brits! :) (watch the video from the Show for more details from Kylie ;) )

With Keith Lemon - he tweeted this a little while ago saying that it is "the moment all my dreams came true" :)

And this is how hard and real of a hug that was! ;D

And these funny posing ones (thanks to Strawbs from SayHey ;) )

Interviewed by SKY ;)

Enormous THANK YOU to Kane from Say Hey for uploading the video!!
Kylie interviewed at the Red Carpet!

And the Interview at the Brits!!

The Presentation of the Brit Award ;)

The show interview!!! And some #K25 details by KYLIE!!!

Thanks to everyone on Say Hey helping with pictures and videos!! You are amazing! :)
xo K

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