Friday, February 17, 2012

How About Some Golden Snowboots?

Well, this is one weird but absolutely gorgeous designer thing ;)

A New York based artist has designed the ultimate in winter bling - snowboard boots made of gold.

Osamu Koyama spent two months crafting the unique footware from his studio in Brooklyn, initially using wax moulds. The boots were made for Nike and are customized with a combination of both brass and gold plating. They cost thousands of pounds to manufacture.
The shoe giants handpicked 12 artists to contribute their artistry to the 2012 Shoe Shine show, an annual event for the snowboarding community held in Denver this year.

Mr Koyama said: "I took some time to design and build an idea behind this custom Nike boots project. .. Usually I don't start making things before decide what is the concept for each project. The wax models were the hardest part. This is easily the biggest thing I've ever made in my life. Nike have them at the moment. After that, Nike will return them to me, or hopefully they might want to buy them from me".

The golden boots, which have been named Nike Zoom Force 1, feature an eagle beak as well as feathers and an opal pendant at the boot's front.
The artist added: "It was very hard to find right people who could work for me on this. This is big stuff and only a few jewellers can work on it.”

That's definitely GLAMOROUS ;)

xo K

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