Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Kylie - Special Birthday Video Surprise From Fans!

"May 28th - does it say anything to you? I bet it does! 
This time, we'd like to make a little surprise present for the lady."
- were the words we started out campaign with ;)

Nicola and I have been nurturing the "Birthday Surprise" idea since November last year, trying to come up with something Kylie fans would join us in doing, something we'd be excited to do and something Kylie and us could enjoy and remember. This is when the "Kylie Birthday Video" came to our minds.
But we didn't want to make "just a video", it had to have the uniqueness - so this is when we came up with the plan to write Birthday wishes out of Kylie song lyrics - which by the way means I've already said too much before even revealing the video ;)

It took us some time to have the vision of what and how we were going to put and where it belonged in a video... We also created the poll on this blog to let YOU peeps choose the songs YOU wanted to hear in this video, and thanks (again! ;) to the amazing Matt Segnini for creating the incredible mix of the top voted songs to accompany the picture :) 

"All I can say for the moment: 
it is going to be a video,
it is going to have lyrics from different Kylie songs,
it is going to have your favorite and voted for music in it and
it is going to include YOU!" -
we hope yo enjoy every part of the above! :D

I cannot reveal more than that until it's posted, but what I can say right NOW is that the video WILL BE UPLOADED at MIDNIGHT! ;)

Nicola and I would like to thank Kylie Brazil, Kylie World and Kylie Unlimited for their constant support and publicity, Matias Segnini - for making these projects even more exciting by making the exclusive music, and for his work in general (check out his works here), Lovers, Timebombers and simply Kylie Fans for making these projects happen, wanting to participate and your big loving hearts that want to express it all this kind of way, and of course, our Birthday girl, Kylie Minogue, for EVERYTHING!



xo K

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