Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kylie Minogue's New Album Teaser-Track SKIRT Released (by Nom De Strip)

Hello everyone!
Today's a very special day for Kylie fans, because it's Kylie Minogue's Birthday!
So, first of all - Happy Birthday Kylie! :)

Even though it is a "Kylie holiday", she is not holiday'ing - instead, our girl is back in the studio after Cannes 2013 and her busy schedule! (via Instagram:)

And did we get a surprise today: as it was reported before, miss Kylie Minogue has been working on her new album (due to be released this year) with many talented people, and Los Angeles based producer Nom De Strip was amongst them. So, Chris Lake dropped a dub version of a song this morning on Twitter via Nom De Strip soundcloud page, called "Skirt", which was co-written with The Dream. It appeared after the song was played at Pacha Ibiza.

The goal every producer wants to reach by the song? - Make it stuck in people's head, I guess..
Well, mission complete - whether you like it or not - admit, this song doesn't leave your head for a loooong time after you listen to it - that is a warning! ;)

In any case, the song might be just a "preview" to what's yet to come, but also might not represent the #KM2013 era at all, so our advice to everyone - keep calm, enjoy the song and wait for it... wait for it... wait for it.... ;)

And here it is - a NEW lyric video for SKIRT <-- here!

You can now get the Skirt Remixes LP! ;)

xo K

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