Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Up? Kylie Releases Skirt Remixes, Shakes IT, Back In Studio And Poses At Photoshoot

Kylie Minogue's Skirt is actually going rather UP than coming down ;)
On June 24th, Kylie and team released the Skirt Remixes EP available to buy on Beatport:

01. Skirt [Main Mix] (3:29)
02. Skirt [Extended Mix] (4:47)
03. Skirt [Nom De Strip Dub Mix] (4:48)
04. Skirt [GTA Remix] (5:10)
05. Skirt [Switch Remix] (5:33)
06. Skirt [Hot Mouth Remix] (4:43)

Last week, Skirt already was the #1 Breakout song and debuting at #37 as a Hot Shot Debut on the Billboard Dance Chart (and moving up to #7 this week (August update)!)

You can get an idea of how awesome the remixes are listening to the samplers on Kylie's official YouTube Channel:

A little EXCLUSIVE from our friend (thank you! ;) Skirt remix by DJ Yiannis Orgasmico Dub:

A few extra remixes were released as well, like CutSnake rmx available for download HERE and Matthew Dear Remix, which you can check out here:

Meanwhile, Kylie's made a TV show appearance and been back in studio, having some fun "shaking IT", spending time hanging out with Sia and sharing how much she loves and misses "Lovers" around the world :)

She recently told the Italian edition of Grazia magazine about the album: ''I can't really say anything about the new album, some things I don't even know. We haven't even chosen a name yet. I can say though that it's going to be completely different. It's still pop music, but with a different twist.
''Throughout the years I've been called the girl next-door or a light version of Madonna, but those are just labels and I'm pretty sure after the new record they will give me a new one.''

 K is clearly very busy :) (photoshoots, July 2013)

We cannot wait to hear what Kylie's preparing for us!! 

xo K

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