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Kylie Minogue To Release Her New Single, Into The Blue, In March!

Happy New Year and Happy #KM2014 or #K27 if you wish!

Miss Kylie Minogue did not make us wait any longer and presented the fans with some very exciting and long awaited information on New Year's Eve: Into The Blue is the new track and the lead single from her 12th studio album, 'Kiss Me Once', due to be released this year.

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Into The Blue gets its first radio play on January 27th (confirmed by Miss Minogue ;) 

*UPDATE* (January 10th, 2014):
Parlophone issued a press release today regarding Kylie's first single and her new album.
Into The Blue is officially to be released on March 9th, 2014!
You can check out FULL Press Release HERE (Thanks to MuuMuse :)

From the words of a person who heard the song (thanks!):
"The song is classic Kylie sounding. Starts and end with a 90s housey piano and very lush melancholy strings. Not a dance song per say about 116-118 bpm, but remixes could be great. I would say in feeling it's a little bit "aprhodite" a little bit "no more rain" from X. The chorus is anthemic and she sings into the blu-uuuuu-uuuuuuu an a gorgeous high falsetto. The break down and end have some gorgeous falsetto ad libs. I think any long time K fan should be very happy as it fits into her catalogue beautifully!"

Miss Minogue was shooting the video on January 4th. Kylie and team were "working hard" ;) 
She tweeted: "Lovers We are working so hard. My team all need massages!!!! We are all going #intotheblue"

American songwriters, Kelly Sheehan, aka Madame Buttons, Jacob Kasher and Mike Del Rio are the ones who worked on the new track. On New Year's Eve Madame Bottons tweeted:

Describing the song in 5 words, Kelly said: "euphoric moving uplifting energetic electric"
Replying to Kylie fan's question: "Is the Kylie song epic?", she tweeted: "YES!"

Via Twitter Kelly (Madame Buttons) has also answered the question about working with Kylie: "she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and she works harder than everyone <3"
Madame Buttons has also worked on other tracks from the new album (we are thankful for the updates!)

Popjustice posted an article, which Google-translates the interview Kylie did with one of the French newspapers. This is what Kylie herself has to say about her new single, Into The Blue:
"We have the first single. All the people who listened to it told me that it was undoubtedly a ‘Kylie song’. Let’s say it is a mix between that part avant-garde 'Slow’ had or, at least, really different from the pop then this classic side found in the ‘Love At First Sight’ and its modern, contemporary, ‘[Can't] Get You Out of My Head’. Yes, I think it is really a ‘Kylie song’ whatever the definition given to it. This song fits this range of mine. Because I am a performer, I do not like being locked into a single job."

In the meantime, Kylie is about to take over the TV screens along with,Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson on the new series of The Voice UK starting January 11th. 

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